What our biomass experience means for you

We understand the unique challenges of biomass generation. With decades of experience our proven solutions help you to reduce costs, improve reliability and ensure compliance. 

  • We share 15 years’ experience of generation from biomass and waste wood to give you valuable insights into key issues including fuel analysis, sampling and quality, and understanding the characterization of feedstocks. 
  • Benefit from our specialist team’s hands on experience of biomass plant issues include slagging, fouling, corrosion, biomass ash and the impact of fuel quality on performance.
  • Biomass conversion projects have given us invaluable experience to support your conversion of plants to wood pellets or alternative fuels.

Power plant conversion

Biomass conversions for every kind of plant. As owner’s engineers, we modify your asset and convert from coal to biomass, reducing your costs and improving reliability. Find out what converting your partial or full asset could mean for you.

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Our solutions

Planning meeting owners engineering

Owner's Engineering

For biomass conversion projects we are your independent advocate and source of expertise, delivering the most cost-effective solutions and optimizing your energy projects. We can supplement your existing teams or manage complete projects on your behalf.
asset investment planning

Asset Investment Projects

Ensure your asset risks are managed effectively by an experienced team that you can rely on to provide the best outcome for your investment. Our experts can assess the technical, financial, economic and environmental aspects related to changing the combustion base of your plant.
Plant operation datteln

Plant Operation

Our expertise covers operational safety, governance and compliance, plant operation, and optimization, including the impact of alternative fuels on all aspects of your plant operation.
Engineers on site om delivery

Full O&M Delivery

Improve operational profit, revenues and costs by leveraging our decades of experience as a world-class operator of biomass plant. We deliver reliability, flexibility, safety and compliance, profitability and efficiency, all because of our expertise operating and maintaining our own 34 GW generation portfolio and 8.4 billion m3 of energy storage.
engineers inspecting information maintenance

Maintenance Optimization

We can optimize maintenance strategy across individual plant and whole plant items, reduce outage scope and maintenance induced failures, stretch overhaul intervals and increase confidence in condition assessment. Our in-house specialists in boiler tube failure management will support you in reducing plant downtime and risk of failure.
Compliance risk safety man planning meeting

Compliance, Risk & Safety

Stay one step ahead of all relevant legislation and guidelines. Our experience as owner operator means you can rely on us to know how to engage with regulators and agencies. We act as your trusted advocate to advise on meeting legal responsibilities and industry standards across your operations.
Decommissioning demolition tower


Optimize the value of your assets with timely and effective decommissioning. Our first-hand experience in managing end of life strategies, means we provide a complete package of solutions from technical specification through to safe and compliant site clearance.

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Understanding the impact of feedstock variation

Discover how operators of biomass plants can now use our research data for optimum feedstock sourcing.

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Major plant conversion provides a wealth of expertise

The experience we gained during our successful conversion of E.ON’s Ironbridge plant continues to support our clients’ key project parameters when converting to wood pellets or alternative fuels. It provides invaluable reference material for optimizing contract strategy, CAPEX, programme and environmental and unit performance. 

We assessed more than 50 E.ON sites to identify the most appropriate units for conversion, based on legislation, economics, tariffs, technical suitability, cycle efficiency, delivered fuel costs, life extension and other capital costs. Our client benefited from the successful conversion for the remaining 11,000 LCPD stack hours.

  • 2.2 million tonnes of wood pellets consumed
  • Nearly 4 TWh of electricity and associated ROCs generated
  • Approximately 100 jobs assured for 2 years 
  • Station decommissioning and demolition deferred for over 2 years

Full fuel analysis makes savings for a major European plant

A major Eastern European plant asked for our advice on switching fuel supply to reduce operating costs and carbon dioxide emissions. We evaluated the fuels against criteria such as fuel availability, permitting and compliance and impact on unit performance. Three technically and economically viable options were identified with good fuel availability: remaining on lignite fuel, new build gas-fired CCGT and co-firing of SRF pellets. Unit conversion to white wood pellets was technically feasible but would require support through subsidies. The plant consists of two 300 MWe lignite-fired boilers.

The specialist knowledge that underpins our wide-ranging services to biomass operators is respected internationally.

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Wood pellet conversion

Operational experiences and lessons learnt – issues addressed include fuel storage, transport and milling, combustion, performance optimization, and ash collection and disposal.

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15 years of experience with biomass fuels

Key insights gained from our experience of generation from biomass and waste wood including fuel analysis, sampling and quality, and understanding the characterization of feedstocks.

15 of years of experience with biomass fuels

Furnace tube life extension in biomass-fired boilers

Biomass-fired boilers can suffer unacceptably high fireside corrosion of the furnace wall tubes. We look at the potential for corrosion, solutions available and the results of tests on coatings.

Furnace tube life extension


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