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Improve availability and reliability while ensuring cost certainty. Our three decades of experience in renewables mean we can help you optimize your return on investment for offshore and onshore wind turbines and generators.  

We’ve delivered over 6 GW of projects, in all terrains, including 2.5 GW offshore. We're independent of original equipment manufacturers, and can support you in challenging their repair and maintenance strategies and gaining maximum value for money.

Reduce development costs and planning risks by utilizing our expertise in balancing technical and economic aspects to optimize projects. Our independence means we can help you to ensure completed systems are fully compliant to specification. We analyze wind and wave data to challenge the design approach of offshore turbine structures and foundations focussing on realistic lifetime requirements.

Maximize turbine efficiency and create historic records that can be used to substantiate life extension options by implementing our optimum asset management and condition-based maintenance strategy. Backed by our wide-ranging expertise in the development, operation and maintenance of onshore assets, we have the know-how to support you in maximizing value from an existing and aging site.

For new build projects we can support you to:

Identify the wind farm layout that best achieves the specified design criteria – typically the lowest levelized cost of energy
We use our advanced in-house solutions to design the wind farm layout, including substation, intra-array and export cabling to deliver lowest cost of energy.
Maximize your offshore and onshore projects
We provide through-life asset management strategy to optimize your projects, including performance management, obsolescence assessments and cost-effective upgrades.
Increase availability
We support you with maintenance strategies that increase availability and optimize outage planning. Our independent advanced condition monitoring system identifies component failures up to six months in advance of replacement.
Identify the best turbines, foundation designs and electrical infrastructure
We draw on our long experience and independence of original equipment and component suppliers (OEMs) to choose the best solutions for your specific needs.

For existing assets we can support you to:

Optimize end of life strategies
Maximize value from an aging site, our experts support you in making the right choice – replanting, upgrading or life extension. Read more on operational governance and life management.
Avoid unplanned asset downtime caused by component failures
Improve the availability and reliability of your assets – our predictive maintenance solutions convert your data into actionable interventions that are proven to maximize availability, reduce maintenance costs and manage risk. They include failure remote vibration monitoring, SCADA anomaly detection and failure investigation backed by our own state-of-the-art materials laboratories.
Identify anomalies and faults before they become a problem
Gain advanced warning of anomalies in condition to reduce the cost of repair and minimize downtime. Read our paper on 'Machine Learning Delivering Advanced Condition Monitoring of Wind Turbines'.
Assess and manage power plant risk
Gain improved insight into risks associated with the operation of onshore wind farms, and how to mitigate against them. We have developed an Engineering Risk Management Standard (ERMS) specifically for onshore wind power plants.
Improve wind farm power forecasting and reduce imbalance charges
Minimize the difference between forecast power and actual turbine production by monitoring power forecasts, turbine outage and maintenance data.

Meet our experts at Husum Wind

Join us at Husum Wind, stand 5B45 to find out how our services and solutions can optimize your on and offshore wind projects.

Husum Wind, Germany 10-13 September 2019

Our solutions to optimize your wind assets

Planning meeting owners engineering

Owner's Engineering

Decide whether to replant, upgrade or life extend your wind farm. Our independent and expert advice assesses regulatory requirements, access to the grid, as well as optimal size and number of replacement WTGs.
asset investment planning

Asset Investment Projects

For replanting projects, repowering with entirely new turbines and new foundations offers the opportunity to use the latest technology at the most appropriate scale. Upgrading allows you to replace assets with new turbines using the existing towers and layout.
Plant operation datteln

Plant Operation

Our expertise covers operational safety, governance and compliance, plus asset management policies and procedures enabling “self-perform” O&M strategy.
engineers inspecting information maintenance


Optimize your maintenance strategies with us as your partner. We will streamline planned interventions, reduce spares holding and ensure access requirements and opportunities to deliver maximum impact to the operation of your wind farm.
Compliance risk safety man planning meeting

Compliance, Risk & Safety

Stay one step ahead of all relevant legislation and guidelines. We act as your trusted advocate to advise on meeting legal responsibilities and industry standards across your operations, including advising on process safety, for example, HAZOP, SIL, LOPA and Electrical Arc Energy.
Decommissioning demolition tower


The mitigation of safety and environmental risks, and the effective management of contractors and on-site procedures, are key considerations for power plant owners planning the dismantling and demolition of assets. We provide a complete package of management services from specification and tendering through to final site clearance.

Case studies

Innovation for offshore turbine foundations

When a vibration issue occurred in our client’s UK offshore wind farm, we used our owner operator experience and expert vibration analysis competencies to quickly and accurately solve the issue with minimum loss of generation and risk to the asset. 


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CableArchitect – Reduction in cable cost

For the development of a German offshore wind farm, our client entrusted us with the revision of the cable layout. CableArchitect™, our proprietary cable layout optimizer, was the ideal tool for this purpose. We produced a new layout based on the turbine positions, grid and other parameters supplied by the client. By considerably reducing the length of cable required, our client achieved 4.4% off CAPEX.

Independent technical risk assessment

An onshore wind farm in China gained independent and robust verification of low risk levels, as well as advice on additional preventative measures. Our risk review of the wind farm – a site of 32 1.5 MW turbines – involved close liaison with local personnel. Following on-site investigations and interviews, we identified, analyzed and prioritized potential risks and put forward mitigation measures. Results were presented in a consistent and easy-to-access format.


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