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Stay one step ahead of all relevant legislation and guidelines. Our experience as owner operator across a complete portfolio of generation and distribution assets means you can rely on us to know how to engage with regulators and agencies. We act as your trusted advocate to advise on meeting legal responsibilities and industry standards across your operations.

What we offer

Governance and compliance

Governance and compliance

Ensure robust processes that meet all legal and regulatory standards, and enable you to operate effectively and efficiently. We go beyond the consultant role working with your risk and compliance teams as an independent specialist and expert resource.

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Quality assurance

Quality assurance

Our expertise includes competent person, and on-site assessment of potential, new and existing supply chains, to ensure technical quality assurance standards, budget and time schedules are met.

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Risk management

Risk management

We understand how to identify, assess and mitigate risks across the entire asset life cycle. Our tailored solutions will also help you to reduce spend with risk based maintenance scoping and challenging of planned measures.

Safety management

Safety management

Deliver safe, cost effective and efficient operations across the life cycle of your assets with our safety management solutions. Our qualified and experienced process safety engineers have the expertise to deliver hazard assessments, safety integrity assessments, HSSE strategy and occupational safety.

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Case studies

Major gas turbine failure avoided saving €2.6M

Our UK client asked us to visually inspect and flow test their new hot gas path components. Our investigations revealed non-authorized weld repairs which risked major turbine failure. Following our recommendations, the OEM agreed to replace nine blades and so the €2.6m cost of turbine failure was avoided.

Ensuring compliance for gas storage facility

Our client assigned us with the inspection of its Russian plant. The inspection revealed cracks on the second-stage nozzles and problems with shaft line bearings. We persuaded the OEM to change both stages and ensure machine integrity over the crucial winter period. The operator saved €6m in OPEX and €5.32m loss in availability by avoiding unplanned outage.

Risk management methodology for coal plant

Our risk management methodology, called AERO, has allowed our client to effectively manage the technical risks of a 32 GW power generation portfolio in an easy and standardized way. With our help, risk levels have been categorized and are now more easy to compare and prioritize.

Risk review for Chinese onshore wind farm

A risk review of our clients onshore wind farm in China – a site of 32 1.5 MW turbines – involved close liaison with local personnel.

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Tests for energy recovery site support R1 status

Our client asked us to conduct boiler efficiency tests at a waste to energy plant applying for the EU R1 energy recovery status. We understand that the calorific value of waste cannot be accurately assessed by sampling. Instead we used our modeling software to establish the fuel CV to determine the boiler efficiency. Our results will support our client in gaining the commercial advantages that come from achieving R1 status.

Meeting offshore TSO requirements

We were entrusted by our German client to complete electrical system studies for their offshore wind farm connected via an HVDC link to the onshore grid. Our harmonic calculations and dynamic simulations enabled our client to demonstrate that the offshore transmission system operator’s requirements were met for the acceptance of a grid connection.

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