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Our approach

Our experience repeatedly shows that companies whose production processes consume large quantities of energy (electricity, heat, steam, and gas) have significant potential for optimizing their energy use. Our targeted solutions, which often involve only a small investment, typically increase these companies’ energy efficiency and sustainability while reducing their carbon emissions. We can help you comply with new environmental standards and respond swiftly to changing market conditions. Our solutions always incorporate the latest advances in energy technology so that the various phases of your manufacturing processes use energy better.

Guiding you to greater energy efficiency

We help industrial enterprises realize their energy-efficiency potential by:

  • choosing the best energy mix, which may include renewable energy
  • optimizing your energy-intensive processes
  • designing an integrated heat solution that recycles waste heat
  • utilizing embedded generation
  • exploring on-site energy-storage options
  • taking advantage of any government subsidy schemes.

Our offer in detail

Needs analysis/quick scan
Our quick scan is the first step toward the optimal strategy for you to continually enhance your energy efficiency and regulatory compliance. You can also use the scan to benchmark your current approach.
Our preliminary diagnosis of your energy situation provides you with an overview of your load profile, network costs, energy flow, and other key parameters. We scrutinize your production processes, advise you on whether an energy management system makes sense, and make initial recommendations for what action to take. A small investment often yields tangible savings.
As part of the quick scan at your facility, together we’ll look closely at your:
• energy procurement
• regulatory obligations
• production processes and other technical aspects.
We’ll also explore whether:
• you qualify for subsidies
• we can help you enhance your sustainability
• an energy management system makes sense for you
• you can achieve quick wins at minimal or no cost.
Energy monitoring and management
Detailed information about the energy consumed by individual machines, groups of machines, and technical processes is crucial for your company’s success. For this purpose, we recommend monitoring software, which provides a detailed visualization of the energy needs of your manufacturing processes. It tells you the precise amount of energy consumed at each metering points. After evaluating these data, we identify areas with improvement potential and propose specific measures.
Energy monitoring is the key to continuous performance assessment. We can help you:
• install a monitoring system
• manage and evaluate the data it generates
• put in place an energy management system that complies with ISO 50001
• obtain certification for the measures implemented
• benchmark your energy efficiency against that of your industry peers.
Comprehensive analysis
Determining the total improvement potential requires a detailed, company-wide examination of almost all points where energy is consumed. In particular, we scrutinize and assess the energy aspects of your manufacturing processes, which typically offer a variety of opportunities for greater energy efficiency and energy savings. After identifying the specific savings potential and possible actions to take, we can make recommendations and discuss with you how to prioritize them.
As part of this process, we:
• conduct an energy analysis of your manufacturing processes, in part to identify peak loads and untapped resources
• design a set of recommendations that may include embedded generation and/or innovative storage solutions
• conduct a feasibility study of our solution
• identify government subsidies for which our solution qualifies
• propose how to have your carbon footprint certified.
Planning and implementing the solution
The planning and implementation of energy-efficiency measures presents many industrial enterprises with significant challenges. These processes need to factor in timing, complexity, know-how, and costs.
• We manage all phases of the project, including technical upgrades:
  - conceptual planning and basic design
  - owner's engineering
  - technical specifications
  - project management
  - management of the consents process
  - support with tenders or procurement
  - site and safety management
  - construction
  - quality assurance and environmental management
  - claim and variant management
  - commissioning, acceptance, and handover
• We design contracting arrangements.
• We optimize your energy and asset mix.
• We optimize your supply contracts.

Your doorway to greater energy efficiency

Our quick scan - register now without commitment

Our quick scan is the first step toward enhancing your energy efficiency. It starts with a visit to your facility during which we work with you to assess the improvement potential. In the quick scan we:

  • get to know you and your company
  • introduce you to our experts and our approach
  • conduct a brief assessment of your company’s current energy situation by:
    - determining your energy consumption
    - getting an overview of your production processes and other technical parameters
  • assess whether an energy management system makes sense for you
  • determine whether you qualify for government subsidies
  • put together a preliminary set of improvement measures
  • propose actions to take.

3-4 September 2019 / Our booth at Lobby Lichthof, 2nd floor

EnergieEffizienz trade fair, Frankfurt

Meet our experts at the EnergieEffizienz Frankfurt 2019 and find out more about our approach with energy efficiency.

You will find us at our booth in the Lobby Lichthof, 2nd floor at the IHK Frankfurt am Main, Börsenplatz 4, 60313 Frankfurt am Main/Germany.

We look at the entire picture

The entire picture - supply chain

You will benefit from our unique combination of technical and commercial expertise.

Our expertise will enable you to:

  • visualize your energy flows
  • save money
  • maintain your production level while reducing your energy consumption and costs
  • lower your carbon emissions
  • enhance your company’s public acceptance and support

You can place your trust in our technical expertise. We can:

  • optimize your energy and asset mix
  • add renewables and embedded generation to your mix
  • provide energy-storage solutions
  • design plans to recycle waste and improve heating and cooling
  • find the right cogeneration unit for you
  • optimize drive trains and pumps.

Further topics of interest to you

Engineer and customer looking at plans

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