Choose us to design, build, operate & maintain your project

We bring 80 years of know-how to support local authorities and councils in delivering cost-effective, energy efficient district heating schemes.

Optimize operation and maintenance for the life of your projects, and avoid over-engineering and high capital expenditure. Our knowledgeable teams have the specialist engineering and design experience of district heating to meet and exceed every challenge. With your priorities at the forefront, our district heating solutions reduce carbon emissions and energy costs, helping to alleviate fuel poverty, increase energy security, improve energy capacity and support job creation and new employment in your region. 

Leverage the expertise of one of the most experienced district heating companies in the market. We own and operate 740km of heat pipe infrastructure in Germany and supply over 500,000 commercial and residential customers across Europe. We deliver complete district heating and cooling solutions from preliminary engineering services, design, installation, long-term operation, specialist optimization and maintenance of district heating schemes. 

Our specialist technical know-how of heating networks and operator understanding makes us your ideal partner for your next district heating project. 

How our expertise works for you: 

  • We work alongside local councils and government officials to ensure that heat networks comply to the latest standards for Governmental de-carbonisation projects and incentive schemes. 
  • Our owner/operator understanding enables us to maximize heat efficiency from power plants of various capacity and complexity.
  • In-house multi-disciplinary teams deliver complex and bespoke engineering projects for heat network infrastructure through feasibility, design and construction.
  • With decades of experience interfacing with Governments and Regulators we can support your Heat Networks Investment Project (HNIP) application process. 
  • By tapping into existing heat sources and capitalising on efficiencies we will keep CAPEX and OPEX costs low and return on investment high. 
  • Simplicity on agreeing timescales, terms and conditions and legal.

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Our solutions for district heating

Procurement, planning, compliance, technical construction and commissioning for cost-effective solutions that minimize risk and optimize return across the whole lifecycle of your operations.

We work with councils, local authorities and investors, as an independent partner delivering the following district heating solutions:

Preliminary engineering: (Asset Investment projects)
Including master planning, heat mapping, feasibility studies, high-level design (Conceptual and basic design (FEED)), detailed design, commercialization, tendering land issue management.
Owner's Engineering
We act as your independent advocate to deliver the most cost-effective solutions and optimize your district heating projects. Every package is designed around your specific demands.
Design & Build, EPC and EPCM
Utilize our experience and deep understanding of the planning, compliance, technical, commissioning, procurement and construction needs for your next district heating project. We know how to deliver the most cost-effective solutions that minimize risk and optimize return across the whole lifecycle of your operations.
Plant and network operations and maintenance
Keep your plant operating at the optimum level. Our independent inspection and data give you a sound basis for quality decision making. We can optimize maintenance strategy across individual plant and whole plant items, reduce outage scope and maintenance induced failures, stretch overhaul intervals and increase confidence in condition assessment.
Advanced instrumentation and remote monitoring/digital services
Optimize the health of your plant machinery and maximize availability. Our monitoring provides independent diagnosis of root cause issues. Our analytics solutions convert plant data into knowledge that enables teams to prioritize, plan and execute an optimized maintenance strategy and reduce unplanned outages.
Compliance risk and safety
Stay one step ahead of all relevant legislation and guidelines. Our experience as owner operator across a complete portfolio of generation and distribution assets means you can rely on us to know how to engage with regulators and agencies. We act as your trusted advocate to advise on meeting legal responsibilities and industry standards across your operations.

Case studies

UK heat network studies

In 2016 Uniper reviewed options for exporting heat from our UK power plants to local industries and networks. The initial focus was on our Enfield power plant in London and involved discussions with the Greater London Authority regarding outline design options, including potential tie-in points, pipeline routing and sizing.

In addition, our specialists have supported the development and implementation of several heat network projects in the UK. These include the CitiGen plant in London, and the heat export systems associated with Steven’s Croft in Scotland and Blackburn Meadows near Sheffield. 

Ruhr – Detailed Project Design Work

Uniper has designed the Datteln-to-Recklinghausen district heating pipeline, to connect the Datteln power plant to Uniper Fernwärme GmbH’s eastern grid. This is a replacement for the heat no longer produced by the Shamrock CHP unit for end users in the Recklinghausen, Herne and Bochum areas. The new 2 x DN 800 pipeline system is 13km long, complete with all necessary technical equipment including main line valves, pits, supporting structures, bridges, a monitoring and fault detection system and all necessary signal transmission cabling, including spare cable ducts. One of the key challenges overcome was routing in build-up areas. We proposed an innovative solution which ensured the project was easily consented and had positive public perception.

Rotterdam low temperature network study

The city of Rotterdam is aiming to become completely carbon neutral by 2040. Uniper owns and operates several energy centres in the city, feeding into a high temperature heat network, with a supply temperature between 95 and 115˚C, and a return temperature of 60 to 70˚C. In 2016 Uniper led a high-level study into the potential for greening of the heat network. The study concluded that the existing gas-fired heat generating assets are a major barrier to achieving carbon neutrality. Several alternative options were identified, based on heat recovery (sewage systems), geological sources and greater storage.


Falah Mousa- head of district heating

Falah Mousa

Head of District Heating
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Jon Sanderson

Energy Services