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One simple contract delivers sustainable power and heat for your business

Solar Heat

Solar process heat systems are technically mature and have been standardised by us. Solar heat systems can compliment conventional process heat systems and reduce fossil energy consumption.

Solar Electricity

Photovoltaic (PV) provides green energy using the natural radiation of the sun at your facility. Storage technology smoothes fluctuations.


Working with your existing grid supply and conventional generation. Using the latest storage and generation technologies coupled with digital solutions to deliver reliable and cost effective energy.

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Can solar thermal heat and PV be used for your process?

Conduct the online assessment to see how our QiBrid solution can help you become greener as well as save energy.

Who we help

Beer bottles on conveyor

Brewery, Beverage and Food Industry

Almost three quarters of the energy demand in a brewery is needed as thermal energy. Renewable energies could significantly contribute to replace fossil fuels. Cleaning and sterilizing of bottles, containers and moulds drive the energy consumption of the beverage industry. The food industry consumes over 80% of its thermal energy at temperatures below 150°C for pasteurization, drying and cleaning. 

Cog component

Automotive & Metal & Mining Industry

During the production of cars, mechanical engineering and metal surface treatment a large share of energy is used to heat water, galvanic baths, air handling units and space heating. Mining companies have large energy requirements. Among others the metal mining having the biggest energy demand. Renewable solutions can significantly help the reduction of the carbon footprint.

Industrial laundry machine

Textile Industry

Washing, rinsing, dying, printing, bleaching make up the core energy consumption in processes of the textile industry. There is a strong correlation between water and energy since a high proportion of the energy is used for heating wash water up to 160 °C. Renewable solutions could improve the cost efficiency as well as the pursuing of green energy strategies.

QiBrid solution

Solar process heat is efficient for many industries

Uniper's QiBrid Solution provides the green heat and electricity solution that can be integrated to a wide range of industrial processes:

•    Heating of water for washing or cleaning 50 °C – 90 °C
•    Heating of baths or vessels 50 °C – 100 °C
•    Heating of make-up water within steam networks 50 °C – 150 °C
•    Convective drying with hot air 50 °C – 100 °C

Solar heat and PV – cheaper, cleaner, more predictable

Industry heat demand

74 %

provided by solar thermal

Industry electricity demand

26 %

provided by photovoltaic


100 %

heat and power storage

Benefit from our global expertise in managing industrial requirements and let us help you to achieve your energy goals:

• Use the long-term price certainty of part of your energy supply
• Contribute to your corporate RES & CO2 emission reduction goals
• Reduce the risk of power loss from disruptions
• Benefit from incentives and subsidy schemes
• Increase share of renewable energy in your company
• Create opportunities to support the local economy

Solution components

Solar and heat icon Uniper

Solar Heat

Solar Heat for industrial process (QiBrid) is based on technically mature components which we deploy in a standardized way for industrial customers. Solar heat systems can support conventional process heat systems in an efficient manner reducing your energy consumption.

Photovoltaic icon Uniper


Solar PV provides you with a green energy alternative making effective use of the sunlight at your location as well as reducing conventionally produced power.

Reliability icon Uniper


Working with your existing grid supply and conventional generation. Using latest storage and generation technologies coupled with digital solutions to deliver reliable and cost-effective energy for your business.

Uniper QiBrid Solution

How it works

How it works

Your benefits

Simple energy purchase agreement

A sustainable approach to energy through energy efficiency and the use of renewables often represents the lowest risk and most cost-effective way for industrial clients looking to improve their environmental performance.

The costs of renewables have become increasingly competitive in recent years. It is no longer a matter of whether you should integrate them into your energy mix but what type and in what configuration. Implement what fits best for your industrial process and benefit from just one energy purchase agreement (EnPA):

  • Simple - One simple contract providing you reliable heat and electricity as a service
  • Save - Cost effective from day one- no investment required on your side
  • Secure - You profit from stable energy prices, we operate and maintain the installation

You focus on your core business and leave the energy related tasks such as maintenance to our experts.

Potential cost savings
• Freeing up capital to enable you to focus on your core business investments
• Providing a strategic and competitive advantage
• The reduction in production costs can be passed onto your customer through price reductions
More predictable
• Stable financial planning independent from energy price changes
• Reliable energy purchase agreement
• Digital measuring and monitoring and reporting
Our expertise
• Technology risk: We care about the efficiency and reliability of installations
• Supplier and installer risk: We ensure that reliable systems are delivered and maintained properly
• Regulatory risk: We survey approval procedures and support schemes
• Energy price risk: Our energy purchase agreement provides you with a simple and secure pricing
Simple integration
• You consume the energy and do not need to take care about the installation
• Integrating at supply level safeguarding the existing production set-up
• One solution for your electricity and heat demand
• Decrease reliance on fossil fuel sources
• Achieve zero emissions of carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions
• Positive effect for your product, brand and social reputation
Convencience and ease of use
• Simple and understandable energy purchase agreement
• Initial installation and ongoing maintenance are managed by us
• Seamless integration and connection to your processes and routines
• Minimal number of activities on site using digital solutions

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