Cost-saving efficiency with a proven track record

In times of challenging market conditions with high volatile energy prices and dynamic technical developments, our solutions allow you to focus on your core capabilities and processes.

Our experienced teams ensure safe and continuous utilities supply for uninterrupted operation of your business – giving you cost savings, increasing your efficiency and ensuring full regulatory compliance.

The individual needs and complexities of your project dictate our every move. We leverage our proven track record and the experience we’ve gained in the reliable delivery of process steam and energy at competitive prices to manage and meet every challenge.

All in one solution for the reliable supply of steam, power, heat or cooling

Reduce your operational complexity and focus on your core product. We can fully cover the supply of energy by delivering tailor-made solutions including investment, build and management of dedicated energy assets at your site. We help owners and operators of manufacturing and production sites, industry clusters or grouped production sites to optimize all aspects of productivity. Additionally, our solutions offer the possibility to lighten your CO2 balance by outsourcing the CO2 footprint of your utility production to Uniper.

Depending on your needs we configure a target supply scenario, invest, manage dedicated assets and provide the required services for efficient steam, power, heat, and cooling supply, with a single and simplified interface to make things easier for you.

Your company benefits from maximum freedom with a perfect balance between economic efficiency and sustainability. We use our extensive knowledge of all aspects of the global energy business to tailor your solution to your needs.  

From financing to engineering, asset management and operation, servicing and commodity supply, we are your reliable partner every step along the way, allowing you to remain agile and competitive.

Solutions to reduce complexity of your utility supply

Long-term contracts for supply of process steam and other utility media
We provide you with power, heat, cooling, gas, demineralized water, pressurized air and more. Our contracts have a typical length of 10-15 years. In these 15 years, you pay a stable capacity fee on market based commodity prices, which offers you maximum planning security.
Tailor-made financing
Depending on your preferences, we will finance the complete asset or act as co-investor, with you being our external investors. This offers a large range of flexible configurations to sustainably alleviate your balance sheet and relieve you from maintenance expenditure risks.
Takeover of existing utility production assets
Updating of energy assets can require substantial investment. Where your existing steam/utility producing assets are not meeting today’s requirements – partner with us to update and optimize them and then include them in our own fleet of assets. This way you can benefit from our long-standing experience in power plant operation: You will get 100% reliable supply of the utility media you request.
Development, construction and operation of assets
If you are expanding production and need additional steam and utilities, or if an existing asset needs to be completely replaced, we can design, build, own and operate the new asset according to your needs. From meeting legal responsibilities and industry standards to supplying the final product directly for your production processes, we are by your side every step along the way.
Co-firing of by-products
We can utilize by-products of our customers and combust them with other fuels, an environmentally sound and cost-efficient way to dispose of them. Our tailor-made solutions cater to your individual needs and the specificities of your production processes.
Planning meeting owners engineering

Owner's Engineering

Rely on a team backed by over 100 years of experience in developing and operating energy assets. We are your independent advocate and source of expertise, delivering the most cost-effective solutions and optimizing your energy projects. We can supplement your existing teams or manage complete projects and assets on your behalf.
asset investment planning

Asset Investment Projects

Ensure your asset risks are managed effectively by an experienced team that you can rely on to provide the best outcome for your investment. We make certain that your assets are fit for purpose and deliver a return on investment for any project size, across whole plant lifetime.
Plant operation datteln

Plant Operation

Optimize your plant operation for the best economic return within your market. Our expertise covers operational safety, governance and compliance, plant operation, flexibility and optimization, QA, risk & safety, fuel services and energy trading. We operate about 37 GW of our own international assets, adapting to regional and market drivers.
Engineers on site om delivery

Full O&M Delivery

Improve operational profit, revenues and costs by leveraging our decades of experience as world-class operator of gas, hydro, biomass and coal. We deliver reliability,  flexibility, safety &  compliance, profitability and efficiency all because of our expertise operating and maintaining our 34 GW generation portfolio and 8.4bn m3 of energy storage.
engineers inspecting information maintenance

Maintenance Optimization

Keep your plant operating at the optimum level. Our independent inspection and data give you a sound basis for quality decision making. We can optimize maintenance strategy across individual plant and whole plant items, reduce outage scope and maintenance induced failures, stretch overhaul intervals and increase confidence in condition assessment.
Compliance risk safety man planning meeting

Compliance, Risk & Safety

Stay one step ahead of all relevant legislation. Our experience as owner operator across a complete portfolio of generation and distribution assets means you can rely on us to know how to engage with regulators and agencies. We act as your trusted advocate to advise on meeting legal responsibilities and industry standards across your operations.
Decommissioning demolition tower


Optimize the value of your assets with timely and effective decommissioning. Our first-hand experience in managing end-of-life strategies, means we provide a complete package of solutions from technical specification through to safe and compliant site clearance.


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