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We understand power generation, and whatever size of plant you operate from Industrial to large power station we have the technical know-how to support you in optimizing your operations.

Our owner operator experience extends to OCGT, CCGT, Hard Coal, Lignite, Nuclear, Biomass, and Energy from Waste.

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Owner's Engineering

Rely on a team backed by over 100 years of experience in developing and operating energy assets. We are your independent advocate and source of expertise, delivering the most cost-effective solutions and optimizing your energy projects. We can supplement your existing teams or manage complete projects and assets on your behalf.
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Asset Investment Projects

Ensure your asset risks are managed effectively by an experienced team that you can rely on to provide the best outcome for your investment. We make certain that your assets are fit for purpose and deliver a return on investment for any project size, across whole plant lifetime.
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Plant Operation

Optimize your plant operation for the best economic return. We are experts in governance and compliance, plant operation, flexibility and optimization, QA, risk and safety, fuel services and energy trading. We operate about 34 GW of our own international assets, adapting to regional and market drivers – and we share our knowledge with you.
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Full O&M Delivery

Improve operational profit, revenues and costs by leveraging our experience as owner operator of 34 GW generation portfolio and 8.4 billion m3 of energy storage. As world-class operators of gas, hydro, biomass and coal, we know how to ensure reliability, flexibility, safety and compliance, profitability and efficiency.
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Keep your plant operating at the optimum level. Our independent inspection and data give you a sound basis for quality decision making. We can optimize maintenance strategy across individual plant and whole plant items, reduce outage scope and maintenance induced failures, stretch overhaul intervals and increase confidence in condition assessment.
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Compliance, Risk & Safety

Stay one step ahead of all relevant legislation and guidelines. Our experience as owner operator across a complete portfolio of generation and distribution assets means we know how to engage with regulators and agencies. We act as your trusted advocate to advise on meeting legal responsibilities and industry standards across your operations.
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Optimize the value of your assets with timely and effective decommissioning. Our first-hand experience in managing end of life strategies, means we provide a complete package of solutions from technical specification through to safe and compliant site clearance.

Find expertise for your sector

Whatever type of generation asset you operate, gas, industrial, renewable, coal, energy from waste or biomass, we can help. Leverage our decades of experience owning and operating a portfolio of around 34 GW of assets to reduce your operating costs and realize effective solutions for an optimized plant.

Case studies

Flexible approach to pressure system inspections

Several clients approached us to review how electricity generation market changes, due to the penetration of renewable energy, would impact on the operation and maintenance of their plants. We used our significant experience of inspecting and assessing power plant damage to develop an Equivalent Operating Hours strategy to steam generators (boilers) and heat recovery steam generators.

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New methods to reduce risk of boiler slagging

Worldwide, boiler slagging is the most common coal quality-related cause of power plant availability losses. Our work with this plant has led to a greater understanding of the issue and the development of new risk assessment calculations to support all coal-fired plants in avoiding the risk of ash deposition.

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