O&M strategy solutions

Sharing our understanding of owning and operating assets we leverage our experience and independence of original equipment and component suppliers to choose the best solution. Our solutions help you to adapt to the changing market and regulatory environment, enabling you to react and adjust your O&M strategy in an optimal and flexible way.

Delivering cost saving by reducing the complexity of the O&M management by optimizing structures and procedures that allow a more reactive approach to changes in the market.

Simple, flexible, cost-effective

React and adapt to the ever-changing energy market faster, with solutions designed to help optimize and simplify your O&M strategy and reduce your costs.

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Asset governance solutions
Deliver safe, legally compliant, reliable, cost-effective and efficient operations across the life cycle of your assets with our Asset Governance Solutions toolkit. This proven toolkit is the core of our internal Quality Management System. Any Asset Management System links together company policies with local laws and operating permits. They enable continuous improvements and people involvement, to ensure excellent asset governance.
GT parts life extension
Increase financial returns by extending intervals between gas turbine outages. Unlock significant cost savings by extending your GT parts life and major outage intervals beyond the normal OEM maintenance interval, typically by 15-30%.
Power operations and maintenance strategy
Engaging our independent technical support prior to and during your project will enable you to challenge suppliers, and monitor the technical quality of contractors, components and installation.
Power plant full scope operation and maintenance
Outsource the operation and maintenance (O&M) of your assets to us. Our full scope O&M delivery solutions bundle all the required activities and resources for the operation of your power generation or gas storage assets, aiming to deliver the best commercial value for you while always ensuring a safe and compliant operation.

Outage solutions

We can work with your teams to define the outage scope, identify potential risks and develop a tailored inspection schedule that minimizes the cost delivering execution so that your plant can return to service with minimal disruption to your business. Improve financial return by avoiding lost revenue and safety risks caused by plant failures by performing tailored inspection and maintenance, maximize component life with advice on operating with damaged components and reduce commercial complexity via our one-stop-shop for outage solutions, bring together a wide range of technical and commercial expertise.

Fast, insightful, commercially-aware

As an owner and operator ourselves with a wide range of technical and commercial expertise, we can help you manage outages to maximize the value of your assets, avoid lost revenue and improve safety.

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Power plant outage solutions
Outage project services to improve plant availability and revenue potential. Our experience as owner and operator of 38GW generation assets has enabled us to develop bespoke asset integrity management techniques as an alternative to traditional and often higher cost approaches.
Root cause analysis
Receive swift, authoritative and independent diagnosis of your component failure. Our Root Cause Analysis services get to the heart of the problem and provide a sound basis for future action to safeguard your operations and the interests of your business.
Uniper Engineering Services
Our skilled engineering team has the experience to manage the complete range of tasks in refurbishing turbine machinery. Our services are delivered both on-site and at our Ham’s Hall repair facility, and backed by a combination of long experience in engineering and a full range of equipment to handle components up to 100 tonnes.
Power plant condition monitoring
Optimize your asset operations and maintenance strategy as our analytics solutions convert your data into actionable interventions which are proven to maximize availability, reduce maintenance costs and manage risk.
Power plant inspection and outage management
Our comprehensive suite of technical assurance services introduces a disciplined approach to plant turnarounds and outages of all size. We help you to plan the optimum inspection regime, minimizing cost and time required for the project.

Revolutionizing power generation

We are proud to be sponsoring #MEE2019 first ever conference dedicated to the power generation sector.

Register to visit and join Pete Davies, Head of Digital Engineering at the Revolutionizing Power Generation conference on 6 March from 1.30pm for a presentation on 'Digital retrofits for improved power plant efficiencies'.

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Join Doug Waters, Global Director of Energy Services for a specialist technical seminar on 'Managing risk and quality whilst reducing cost of plant outages'. 

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Unlock the true value of your assets with Enerlytics - a single digital platform for plant management giving you a 360 degree, end-to-end view of your plant or portfolio

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Training for operating and maintenance teams

Certificated power plant training courses for operational and maintenance staff designed to give a thorough and complete understanding of plant capabilities and risks.

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