We put our experience to work for you

We leverage decades of experience as a world class operator of gas, hydro, biomass and coal power generation to deliver best commercial value from your assets, whilst ensuring reliability, flexibility, safety and compliance.

Our know-how to operate your assets profitably and efficiently is based on long experience of operating and maintaining our own 34 GW generation portfolio and 8.4 bn m3 of energy storage.

We run your assets as our own

Our O&M delivery solutions draw on a complete range of expertise from a single source, addressing the entire value chain and life cycle of the asset. The solutions can be applied to a single site or a complete portfolio of assets.

We will operate your assets to achieve optimum performance but also ensure that they are reliable and fully compliant with safety and environmental legislation. We have achieved this successfully with our own generation and storage assets for many years – you can trust us to take responsibility for yours.

Focused on value

We know from first-hand experience that return on investment is a priority in asset management. That’s why our pragmatic solutions are designed to maximize the profitability and competitiveness of your assets.

We respond to changing market and regulatory conditions and shape our solutions to suit your financial strategy. At the same time we will optimize your investment across the entire asset life cycle to deliver long term value.

Tailored to your needs

Our solutions are designed to meet your business priorities. In addition to full scope O&M, our solutions can be customized to target expertise at specific plant areas and technologies.

In addition to optimizing O&M planning and strategy, we can take responsibility for individual technologies using our in-depth know-how in areas such as turbines and boiler systems, either across the whole plant lifetime or at specific stages of your plant operation whether you are commissioning, operating or approaching end of life.

  • For project development and commissioning our solutions consider the future asset’s O&M requirements during its development, setting up the systems and structures that every asset requires prior to the commercial operation phase.
  • During commercial operation our solutions help you to adapt to the changing market and regulatory environment, enabling you to react and adjust your operations and maintenance strategy in an optimal and flexible way. This includes analysis of your O&M performance to identify and deliver possible improvements, delivery of specific O&M services and training services to ensure that your staff has the knowledge and skills to run and maintain your assets in a safe and profitable way.
  • When approaching end of life we help you to deliver improved maintenance overhauls by ensuring an optimized scope and develop strategies for plant preservation activities for sites in, approaching, or leaving mothballed status.

Our solutions:

O&M delivery

O&M delivery

Analysis of your O&M performance to identify and deliver possible improvements. Carrying out specific O&M services for your assets. Managing the full scope of activities and resources to operate your power generation or gas storage assets, or addressing specific plant areas. Delivering best commercial value while ensuring safety and compliance.

Asset risk management

Asset risk management

Take risk based decisions with systematic oversight over your risks of single assets or your complete portfolio. Reduce spend by risk based maintenance scoping and challenging of planned measures.


Site Challenge Solution Benefit
Industrial power plant, Asia-Pacific Reduce working capital required for engineering stores. We benchmarked our client’s engineering inventory against comparable plants in our fleet and modeled the cost/benefit for large capital items, taking into account lead time. We demonstrated the stores were run to best practice with very low wastage and reasonable inventory. Our client was able to defend their stores strategy to shareholders and offer a 5-7% inventory reduction.
Power plant, Europe Estimate the sale value of equipment and plant prior to decommissioning. We valued major equipment using our knowledge of market prices, identified likely returns and shortlisted potential buyers. We advised that the whole plant could be sold more profitably as a single lot to operate at a new location. Client revised their decommissioning strategy to pursue a more profitable option.
Biomass CHP plant, UK Independent review of operation and maintenance, including specific concerns raised in a dispute. We interviewed staff, inspected the site and compared practice to written procedures. We found the plant was run to industry practices and made recommendations on specific concerns. Our client resolved their dispute and resumed production.
Industrial power plant, Asia-Pacific Asset maintenance strategy covering routine and outage maintenance, and also mid-life major replacement program. Our in-depth study reviewed the history of major components, estimated residual life and created an initial investment profile. We reviewed detailed information on each component, interviewed engineers and executives. New maintenance strategies developed, incorporating best practice from energy and petrochemical industries. Strategies reflect our client’s recent history and appetite for change.
Wind farm, Far East Review of wind turbine process safety. Our bow tie analysis identified key process safety failures, the barriers needed and consequences. Our team, including a process safety risk analyst, wind turbine engineers and general engineers, quantified our client’s risk appetite and the effectiveness or lack of process safety barriers. Our client was able to identify a significant number of high-risk process safety barriers and create a prioritized plan for their implementation.
Hydro power plants, Europe Process safety review. We used a bow tie analysis to identify key process safety failures, the barriers needed and consequences. Our team, including process safety engineers and hydro plant experts, analyzed the plants’ lack of process safety barriers in case of a potentially hazardous event. Our client was informed of the need for several high risk barriers and was able to create a plan for their implementation.
Wind farm, Far East Review of safety standards for working in confined spaces. We compared our client’s processes with local legislation and made practical inspection of confined space work and recovery. We found that too many work areas were being classed as confined space and recommended a reduction. Our client was able to make their work in confined spaces safer and more cost effective.


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