Optimized digital solutions for plant flexibility and managing the growth of renewables

Uniper plant flexibility

Take advantage of our decades of experience to improve plant reliability and flexibility whilst managing risks and controlling costs

Uniper Enerlytics

Unlock the true value of your assets and maximize profitability with Enerlytics – our IoT platform for the energy industry

Uniper renewables

Partner with a driving force in Europe’s transition to renewable energy to maximize your onshore and offshore wind projects

Whether your field is renewable or conventional energy, Uniper can support you in optimizing your plant to make it relevant in the rapidly changing energy market. We have proven experience in driving down costs, managing risks and boosting power generation across complex markets. For decades, we’ve led the way in developing engineering and digital solutions for our thriving energy clients across Europe. Now, we bring our unique expertise to the US market.

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We understand the challenges of maintaining profitability and efficiency in a changing market and have first-hand experience to help you achieve more flexible operation outside of your plant’s original design.

Realize the potential value of flexible operation

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  • Shorten start-up times by 20-50%
  • Reduce major component replacement costs by 20-30%
  • Reduce daily maintenance costs by 10-20%

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Uniper engineer

Discover how to improve your plant flexibility with detailed key target areas to focus on

Uniper engineer

Reduce minimum load and increase your plant flexibility. Find out more about our cost-effective independent solutions

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Maximize flexibility benefits, reduce start-up times and mitigate risks with our OEM independent plant assessment. Find out how

Uniper engineer

If you want to reduce generation costs, ultra-low-load operation is a safe alternative to short-term shutdowns

Uniper engineers on power plant

We can help optimize major outage inspection intervals, and effectively address costly damage threats

Uniper engineer

Learn how we can help you to expand flexible operations, reduce start-up times and compete more effectively

Enerlytics is our IoT (Internet of Things) platform for the energy industry. A software solution that fosters an integrated approach to data and engineering intelligence, Enerlytics offers a full end to end view. It supports new build and operations and maintenance, through to market and trading activities as well as storage and demand side management. From machine-based learning that hypothesises your plant health and performance monitoring, to predictive and optimized maintenance and smart scheduling, each Enerlytics module gives you the autonomy to make better decisions for financial gain and market leadership.

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Our focus is to add value at all life cycle stages of your asset. As owner’s engineer we play a critical role supporting and supplementing your resources, acting as an independent advocate. We provide technical and engineering advice, provide governance and engineering standards, or environmental monitoring. We ensure that wind farm operation and maintenance, upgrades, and modifications deliver value, meet safety requirements, and are compliant with standards.

Uniper engineer

Find the optimal turbine layout for your wind farm, including substation, intra-array and export cabling. Learn more about WindArchitect™

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Are you at the end of warranty, considering whether to decommission, replant or extend the life of your turbines? Share our experience and find out more

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Discover how our experts can give you independent advice on risk levels and preventative measures for your wind farm assets

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We can help manage the complexities associated with plant failure. Read how our root cause analysis could support you

Offshore wind turbine

Looking for a way to minimize maintenance for offshore wind turbine generators? We can help you. Find out how

Uniper wind turbine

We acted on data from our advanced monitoring service to change gearbox cleaning methods and avoid potential failure. See more


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