New inspection technique

Our new inspection technique has won the Carbon Trust’s Subsea Inspection competition – it has major potential benefits for offshore wind operators, read about it here.

For three decades, we have supported over 6 GW of both onshore and offshore projects in simple and complex terrains.

Our clients have relied on us to manage the development, feasibility and construction of over 2.5 GW of offshore wind farms. Our role in such development projects includes finding the best location for turbines, assessing yield, and reviewing foundations, structural components, electrical systems and grid components.

After warranty periods, we have the know-how to manage your assets through life and to optimize your return on investment for offshore and onshore turbines and generators from all leading manufacturers, including Siemens and Vestas ranging in output from 2 MW to the latest 8 MW or greater technology.

We are independent of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and so can support you in challenging OEM repair and maintenance strategies, gaining maximum value for money.

Your benefits

Our services and specialist software will support you to:

  • Increase availability
  • Achieve lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE)
  • Optimize capital expenditure
  • Reduce operational expenditure

Operational governance and life management

As onshore wind farms near the end of their design life, operators face several options including life extension of existing turbines. Find out more about how we can support your strategy.


Onshore wind farms end of life strategies

End of warranty

0-5 years of turbine life cycle

Our services and their benefits:

  • Operational due diligence to support investment decisions.
  • Assess performance guarantees supporting potential claims against OEM.
  • Identify future potential risks of component failure not identified by OEM.

Operational management

5-20 years of turbine life cycle

Our services and their benefits:

  • Asset Management policies and procedures enabling ‘Self-perform’ O&M strategy.
  • Condition monitoring and big data to substantiate O&M strategy. 
  • Control O&M delivery and manage remnant life of critical components.

Life extension

18-25 years of turbine life cycle

Our services and their benefits:

  • Present informed options for end-of-life decision-making.
  • Analyze cost benefits and present clear recommendations for all options.
  • Quantify commercial risks to support regulatory, financial and insurer confidence.

Case studies

Through-life Services

Recovery of lost revenue and damages

An offshore wind farm operator entrusted us to investigate the cause of a cable failure resulting in a loss of output. Our experts did a thorough root cause investigation and identified a fundamental manufacturing defect in the cable as a pre-existing condition. The same defect was believed to exist in multiple locations within the cables. Based on the results of our experts’ analysis, the wind farm operator was able to recover not only the cost of replacement of the failed cable and associated export cables under the warranty from the manufacturer, but also the loss in revenue incurred.

Feasibility, Construction, Commissioning

CableArchitect™ – Reduction in cable cost

For the development of a German offshore wind farm, our client entrusted us with the revision of the cable layout. CableArchitect™, our proprietary cable layout optimizer, was the ideal tool for this purpose. We produced a new layout based on the turbine positions, grid and other parameters supplied by the client. By considerably reducing the length of cable required, our client achieved 4.4% off the CAPEX.

Operation & Maintenance

Independent vibration monitoring – Early detection avoids expensive repair  

A UK client sought to prevent the major failure of expensive wind turbine drive train components by early detection of potential problems. Our vibration monitoring solution was ideal for this purpose. We installed the system on the turbines and connected the sensors and related site data to our online platform. This early warning system allowed us to detect a crack which was developing in a main generator bearing. Our client could execute an in-situ repair, which avoided a major failure.

Asset Management & Optimization

Maximize your maintenance strategies

Our client’s offshore wind farm was at risk of potential cable failure and loss of output caused by scour affecting exposed array cables. We identified high-risk elements for each turbine and assessed asset life dependent on the length of exposed cable. Through our support the operator was able to revise its maintenance approach based upon the risk of failure and the cost of options for cable repair/replacement.

Repowering, Relifing and Replanting

Repowering – Upgrade and extend life

Our client needed to optimize the long-term commercial value of an early 1990s wind farm. We provided both technical and commercial support to justify continued safe operation of the existing plant beyond the original design life, whilst developing the environmental permitting requirements for a repowered site. The final design proposed by us took advantage of the latest technology advancements. The repowered site now has less than half the original number of wind turbines but has an increased power output maximizing the electrical grid connection capacity.

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