The Humber H2ub project is a proposed large scale low carbon hydrogen production facility at Uniper’s Killingholme site, being delivered in partnership with Shell. The planned development will include blue hydrogen production capability with a capacity of up to 720 megawatts (MW), using gas reformation technology with carbon capture and storage (CCS).

The hydrogen produced could be used to decarbonize heavy industry, transport, heating and power throughout the Humber region. The project will be focusing on potential industrial uses of the hydrogen but to give a sense of scale, production of 720MW would be enough low carbon hydrogen to heat over half a million homes a year. The development of blue hydrogen production at Killingholme could see the capture of approximately 1.6Mt of carbon per year, contributing to the UK Government’s target to capture 10Mt of carbon per year by 2030.

The captured carbon would be fed through the proposed Zero Carbon Humber onshore pipeline, part of the East Coast Cluster, selected as one of two CCS clusters to receive initial government support under the government’s cluster sequencing process. The captured carbon will then be transported to permanent storage offshore in facilities such as the re-purposed Endurance offshore geological storage field in the UK’s North Sea.

In April 2022, Uniper signed an agreement with Shell to progress the plans to produce blue hydrogen at Killingholme. Uniper is partnering with Shell to jointly progress process design studies and site development activity for the Humber H2ub project.

In November 2022, contracts were awarded to three companies, to deliver the process design studies; to include design of the main hydrogen production technology and carbon capture plant for the proposed Humber H2ub project. The next stage in the project is the front end engineering and design (FEED) phase, ahead of a final investment decision expected to be taken in the mid-2020s. These plans could see the Killingholme site producing low carbon hydrogen later this decade.

Uniper and Shell’s plans would also be part of the Humber’s emergence as a leader in clean energy production; future proofing the industry and creating skilled jobs in the region.  Hydrogen will be at the forefront of helping the UK deliver its net zero ambitions by 2050 and Uniper, its partners and its Killingholme site can play a key role in making this happen.

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