Breitbrunn fixed price auction for the upcoming storage year

Uniper Energy Storage GmbH offers storage capacities in Breitbrunn at fixed price for the upcoming storage year. The storage facility is connected to the market area NetConnect Germany (NCG). In total up to 50 storage bundles (1,000 GWh working gas capacity) are available. The bundle structure enables a seasonal usage with an injection within 171 days and withdrawal within 119 days.

Firm working gas capacity: 20.00 GWh
Firm withdrawal rate: 10.00 MWh/h
Firm injection rate: 5.56 MWh/h

Further information and the respective contract documents can be found in the published auction.

The auction runs on 25 January 2018 between 13 and 14 hours CET in the Storage Portal of UST.

Bids can only be submitted via the Storage Portal of UST. In order to be able to participate in the auction, the bidder needs to be an “Advanced User” in the storage portal. Kindly register and fill in the authorization form which you can download in the area “My Account” in order to become an “Advanced User”.

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