Trading of Intraday capacities on the Storage Portal possible from now on

Starting today, a new feature of the Storage Portal is released. In the area “Short-term capacity”, as of now you can not only trade Day Ahead capacities, but also Intraday capacities for the remaining gas day. As usual, Storage Customers can offer their unused capacity (injection or withdrawal rates) on the portal, or post a request if they are looking for additional capacities. Also, Uniper Energy Storage will continue to offer available capacities via the Storage Portal.

An Intraday offer can be booked and nominated with a lead time of two hours at the next full hour. Within this lead time, the capacity can still be used by the tenderer. Also, the processing period for publishing new offers has been shortened: Day Ahead offers as well as Intraday offers will now be online 30 minutes after the upload at the latest.

In order to participate at the short-term capacity trading, the Storage Customer needs to have a running storage contract at the respective storage site and needs to be “Advanced User”.

The trading with short-term capacity is based on the current General Terms and Conditions of Storage Services (GTCS). To account for the above-mentioned changes, please find an updated version of the GTCS on our Homepage as of now.

Your regular contacts will always be pleased to answer any queries and receive any comments you may have.