Our storage facilities in Germany

In Germany, we currently market several different storage facilities. These differ in storage utilization as well as in storage connection. With our portfolio we reach the German market areas NCG and Gaspool, as well as the Dutch TTF and the Austrian CEGH.

North and Middle Germany

In North and Middle Germany we market the cavern storage facilities Epe-H, Epe-L, Etzel EGL, Etzel ESE and Nüttermoor. These sites are mainly used to compensate the short-term fluctuations in demand.

One of our most modern cavern storage facilities, ESE-Erdgasspeicher Etzel, is situated in the gas storage site Etzel. Etzel is located in East Frisia, approximately 20 kilometers inboud from the North Sea shore. This area is gifted with a saltlayer of outstanding quality and dimensions. This geographical feature allows the creation of cavities for gas storage, so called caverns. Furthermore, Etzel is ideally internationally connected due to its proximity to the import pipelines from Norway as well as to the Dutch transit routes. This makes the region of Etzel to the central handling place for natural gas in Europe.

The reliable and demand-driven supply with natural gas is taken for granted in our every day life. Our gas storage facility ESE-Erdgasspeicher Etzel, commissioned in 2012, contributes to this. Cavern storage facilities, as to be found in Etzel, are used to cope with short term demand fluctions, like, for instance, in case of sudden cold. The ESE-Erdgasspeicher Etzel was built in cooperation between Uniper Energy Storage GmbH, OMV Gas Storage Germany GmbH, VNG Gasspeicher GmbH and Gas-Union GmbH. Uniper Energy Storage is the technical operator. The site is connected to the NETRA pipeline as well as to the Bunde-Etzel pipeline. This converts the region of Etzel to one of the central distribution channels for natural gas in Europe.

North-Rhine-Westphalia is the energy „Land“ number 1 among the German “Länder” and the center of the European energy market. In its north you will find the salt deposit Epe with the currently biggest European cavern storage site. Situated in between is our gas storage facility Epe with a successful history in gas storage of 40 years.

The development of the Epe site began in 1974 with the official commissioning in 1976. Starting with 10 caverns, step by step the site was extended. In 1987 our Epe facility was enlarged by further 23 caverns. The expansion to its current 39 caverns took place between 2005 and 2009. Since the final commissioning of the last storage caverns, we supply the gas market from 39 caverns with H-gas and from 10 caverns with L-gas.

Southern Germany and Austria

In our porous rock storage facilities in Bierwang, Breitbrunn, Eschenfelden and 7Fields (Austria) we mainly market seasonal storage capacities.

Bierwang und Breitbrunn are located east of the city of Munich. Bierwang is a former gas field, which was explored in the sixties of the last century. In Bierwang, we operate the third largest porous rock underground gas storage facility in Germany. The underground gas storage is in about 1.500m depth and uses the highly porous sands of the Chatt-Formation.

About 60 km east from Nuremberg is the underground gas storage facility of Eschenfelden located, where we operate in a depth of 600 m a newly optimized aquifer storage. The geological trap was explored in the fifties and is being used for storage of natural gas since the sixties. The sands of the aquifer storage are of Triassic age.

Our gas storage facility 7Fields is located in Austria in close proximity to the German border. It provides capacities for both Austria and Germany.

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