Holford Gas Storage Ltd

Holford Gas Storage Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Uniper UK ltd. and functionally reports to the German Uniper Energy Storage GmbH.

In 2005 the UK became a net importer of gas for the very first time and the UK’s dependence on imported gas continues to increase year on year. Recognising the important role gas storage will play in the future of UK energy, we have created one of the UK’s most flexible underground gas storage facilities at Holford in Cheshire.


The facility, which became fully operational in February 2013, is operated by Uniper UK through its subsidiary Holford Gas Storage Ltd.

It consists of 8 salt caverns about 600-700 meters underground with a working gas volume of 60 million therms (approx. 160 million cubic meters) and injection and withdrawal rates of up to 22 million cubic meters per day. It is capable of meeting the typical daily demand of around three million UK homes and by being able to respond within minutes to changing gas needs, we provide a means of effectively balancing the UK gas system.

Gas storage can make sure that gas customers' needs here in the UK can be met locally on a particular day. It can help to ensure that disruptions in the long distance transportation of gas do not prevent UK gas customers from having access to the gas they need to heat and power their homes and businesses. We believe highly flexible gas storage services are essential to ensuring UK homes, businesses and power stations have the gas they need when they need it.

Further information

Operational information including stock, aggregate flows, available space, injectivity and deliverability rates at Holford are updated daily on the National Grid Storage Information webpage and can be found by visiting their page here:

National Grid Storage Information

You can find information on our maintenance plans that affect capability on the AGSI+ platform for REMIT information established by GIE here:

Our REMIT relevant information