The first electric planes are here. Once a distant dream, electric flight is now making rapid advances, and numerous companies, researchers and countries are now developing various designs of fossil-free electric planes. Some companies are developing fully electrified aircraft to fly short and medium-length distances. Others have created designs for hydrogen-powered aircraft. Electric planes are quieter, smoother and most of all, more sustainable than traditional aircraft – provided that the electricity is fossil-free.

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In line with the global climate goals, the Swedish parliament has decided that Sweden will have net zero emissions of carbon dioxide by 2045. For Sweden to achieve this goal, the electricity system must be developed at a rapid pace.

In the Swedish electricity system, hydro power is currently Sweden’s largest source of renewable energy. Together with nuclear power, hydro power is the foundation of the Swedish electricity system.

If all of Sweden’s cars were to be replaced by electric vehicles and recharged using Swedish fossil-free electricity, we could reduce our carbon emissions by approximately 10 million tons, which corresponds to one-fifth of Sweden’s overall carbon emissions.

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