With the environment in focus 

The environment is very important to us. When you see smoke coming out of our chimneys or a large oil tanker in our port, remember that we work deliberately and systematically with all kinds of environmental issues that are relevant for our operations. We are ISO 14001 certified, which is an international standard that establishes what a company needs to do to have a structured environmental agenda. Certification means that we meet the high standards that certified companies adhere to in terms of environmental expertise and procedures. If you have questions about our environmental policy or goals, you are welcome to contact us at [email protected]

In the 1990s, we made major investments to reduce the power plant’s emissions. We installed an NO₂ catalytic converter in blocks 2 and 3. In block 3, there is also an electric filter and a desulfurization facility, with a proprietary technology and removal rate of more than 98%. That also makes it possible to use higher sulfur oil in block 3, and still keep emissions well below the given maximum levels. 

Burning oil also creates carbon dioxide. Karlshamnsverket is part of the EU’s Emissions Trading System, which is an important tool for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. 

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Karlshamnsverket is an oil-fired peak and reserve power plant. It’s situated in southern Sweden, which requires more capacity than other parts of the country.

Karlshamnsverket is the largest peak and reserve power plant in Scandinavia. The facility is final life line of the Swedish electricity system.  

The laboratory at Karlshamnsverket conducts analyses for Uniper as well as external customers.

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We continue to strengthen our presence in key markets, develop innovative solutions and acquire companies in prioritized areas. Uniper solutions are sold to over 100 countries and we currently operate in over 40 countries.