Up to now thermal power stations, with their large spinning generators, have provided inertia – used to stabilize the power system - as a by-product of generating electricity. However, managing grid stability has become more challenging for National Grid ESO as more intermittent renewable generation, which cannot provide inertia, is connected to the grid .

In July 2022, custom designed, rotating grid stability technology, came into operation at Uniper’s Killingholme power station site. This solution, developed by working closely with Siemens Energy, included the repurposing of two steam turbine generators and installing flywheels at the site. These units are connected to the existing grid infrastructure on site.

Uniper will deliver essential grid stabilizing services to National Grid ESO without the need to combust fuel to generate power.

The growth of intermittent renewable generation technologies such as wind, means that dedicated grid stabilization technologies, will play an increasingly important role for a successful energy transition.


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Grid stability technology, without the need to generate power, comes into operation at Uniper’s Killingholme site.

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