Always in touch with the energy markets – Our new UMS Smartphone App!


Should I buy today or wait?

Which energy buyer doesn’t know this predicament? I just took my eyes off the energy markets for a moment and prices turned against me!

The ever-increasing influence of renewables and political uncertainty surrounding energy transition make energy prices extremely volatile these days.

Despite the increasing complexity and volatility, the right decisions have to be made in an instant nowadays. Continuous market observation and analysis are crucial for sound decision making and good risk management.

What can you do if energy costs make up a large part of your corporate costs and the risk to your portfolio has to be limited?

Our new UMS Smartphone App (for Android and iOS) keeps you up to date with the latest developments in the energy markets – anytime and anywhere!

  • Check the latest market prices prior to an important business meeting
  • Study the current trends for internal discussions
  • Don´t miss out on interesting energy market webinars whilst travelling
  • Breaking News: Be the first to know about important market developments and events…
  • Simply keep an eye on your energy portfolio while on the move

Take a look at our (German) website and learn how the UMS Smartphone App can help facilitate your daily operations, increase your efficiency and reach informed decisions.




Safa Hetzler
Portfolio Manager
+49 211-73275- 4415
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Lucio De Fusco
Good morning
I would like to use the app.
How to access it?

Thank you
Best regards

Ing. Lucio De Fusco PhD
Energy Manager
Bitron Industrie S.p.A.

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Thierry Tiquant
Hi Lucio and thanks a lot for contacting us! The best way is to talk to Safa, our portfolio manager: safa.arzouni@uniper.energy. She'll then come back to you as soon as possible!