Gas storage today

Within Uniper, all expertise in underground gas storage across Europe is pooled in Uniper Energy Storage GmbH. We operate natural gas storage facilities in Germany, Austria and the UK with a working gas capacity of over 7 billion cubic meters. Our storage facilities ensure the year-round supply of gas for consumers. They are the link between continuous gas production and seasonally changing gas sales over the course of the year - for example, the demand for natural gas for the heating market is significantly higher in winter than in summer. Today and in the future, our gas storage facilities make a key contribution to security of supply in case of high demand peaks and to overcoming supply interruptions.

In cooperation and in constant dialogue with our customers, we continuously improve our gas storage products and our services. We offer comprehensive and innovative solutions that are individually optimised to meet the needs of our customers. Our products are offered to all market participants on a non-discriminatory basis and are sold one hundred percent digitally within the framework of online auctions via our storage portal.

Pictogram showing the chemical compound for methane
Pictogram showing the chemical compound for hydrogen

Hydrogen storage in the future

The share of renewable energies in power generation will continue to grow in the future, but they are not available all the time and in all places. This is where hydrogen comes into play. The transport of large quantities and the short- and long-term storage of hydrogen enables access to green energies independent of production in terms of time and location, especially when demand peaks exceed production.

Hydrogen has great potential to make an essential contribution to decarbonisation and enables the coupling of the energy sectors electricity, heat and transport. 

Our focus


Our goal is to operate our plants carbon-neutral by 2035. Hydrogen and the flexible use of renewable energies are central building blocks of the decarbonized energy world to come. So we are currently investigating the possibilities for storing hydrogen and green gas in our gas storage facilities.

Customer centricity

We attach great importance to close customer contact and are constantly developing our innovative product and service portfolio together with our customers in accordance with their individual needs. We market our storage products via online auctions, which we run on our digital storage portal.

Security of supply

Our gas storage facilities make an important contribution to the flexible and secure supply of energy. In an energy market that is relying more and more on renewable energies, gas storage facilities have a key role to play.

Responsibility for Employees and Environment

Beyond Zero


Uniper Energy Storage is aware of its responsibility and takes it very seriously. We strengthen local infrastructure and protect landscapes and natural habitats. An essential foundation for our success is the trust of our local communities also of our customers, employees and the wider public. This trust in the sustainability of our activities gives us the necessary backing in society for the construction and operation of plants as well as for innovation and growth. We have already been working on reducing our methane emissions for several years, for example, and would like to become even better in this area.

HSSE Grafik

At Uniper Energy Storage, the Health, Safety, Security, Environment & Quality (HSSEQ) management system and the management of the public authorities are located as a central unit directly under the management. HSSEQ and responsible action have top priority throughout Uniper and thus also for us. "Zero tolerance for accidents" is part of our identity and firmly anchored in the goals of top management. All safety-relevant plant units are approved by the mining authorities and have been inspected by experts. Safety concepts as well as alarm and hazard prevention plans are available for all sites and have been coordinated with the responsible authorities and the external emergency services.


Do you want to shape the energy world of the future? Do you want to take on personal responsibility, make an important contribution to security of supply and develop yourself even further?

At Uniper Energy Storage GmbH, we offer a wide range of opportunities in various areas of commercial and technical work. You can expect a motivated team with nice colleagues, flexible working hours and extensive training opportunities. We live diversity and inclusion and the work-life balance of our employees is important to us as well. We welcome interest from professionals, students and prospective trainees.

Meet the Team

Around 170 dedicated employees from a wide range of disciplines work for Uniper Energy Storage. Whether as engineers, geologists, sales or administrative staff - everyone contributes to the company's success. We work together in an interdisciplinary way and hand in hand to achieve our goals.

Whether at our storage sites in northern and southern Germany, Austria or the UK, or at our offices in Düsseldorf, Vienna and Holford - all our employees play their part in ensuring a secure gas supply throughout the year.

Get to know some of our colleagues from different areas and find out what motivates them and what they value so much about their work for Uniper Energy Storage.

Sebastian Boor

Sebastian Boor, Project Manager Cavern Operations

"What I appreciate is the collaboration in a multi-disciplinary team, as well as the opportunity to shape the development of new technologies "


Meike Nordhausen, Market Analysis & Pricing Manager

"I very much appreciate the open and unconditional cooperation and communication at Uniper. This always promotes very good solutions."

Doug Waters

Doug Waters, Managing Director of Uniper Energy Storage

"I am very proud to work with highly motivated and qualified people who give their best every day and together we aim to play our part in a safe and reliable energy transition."


Gavin Williams, Site Operator


"I enjoy working for Uniper Energy Storage as I get to work with a focussed, hard-working team and I also get to run a State of the art fully automated plant."


Werner Höhne, Maintenance Skilled Worker

"The technology at gas storage and compressor stations inspires me every day anew. I have been well welcomed and integrated at the Bierwang station since my first day."

Susanne Klause

Susann Klause, Project Manager Storage Integrity & Development

 "I really enjoy working for Uniper Energy Storage. I particularly appreciate the open interaction with each other and the constructive and uncomplicated cooperation in the team."

Partners and Network

Uniper is in constant dialogue with relevant partners and associations. By providing regular information on our services and making adjustments in line with the latest market, regulatory and legal conditions, we are able to offer our customers the best possible and most advanced service at all times.

With our association activities, we are also working to ensure that the system value of our natural gas storage facilities is more strongly perceived and rewarded. The system value is reflected, for example, in the form of avoided costs for additional investments in transport capacities.

Our partners

Our involvement in Gas Infrastructure Europe ensures that our services are offered in accordance with current European requirements. The AGSI+ data platform provides all relevant gas storage data centrally and transparently for the national and European market.

Uniper has joined the Oil & Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP). The aim of the initiative is to record and reduce methane emissions transparently and extensively in accordance with EU-wide approved, comparable methods. This voluntary commitment is accompanied and steered by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Uniper is a member of the European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE). Here we work with partners at European level to generate new ideas and policy recommendations for a regulatory framework that is supportive of energy storage being essential for a climate-neutral energy system.

Uniper, as a founding member of the national storage association, is actively involved in discussions on storage market developments. INES is also engaged in shaping the market framework for the evolution and transformation of the gas infrastructure towards a climate-neutral energy supply.

The German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water is a recognized standard setter and provider of technical and scientific expertise. Through our commitment, we promote the future viability of the gas industry and support the further development of technical regulations which ensures security of supply and environmental protection.

The German Natural Gas, Petroleum and Geoenergy Association represents the interests of gas storage operators, among others, in dialog with industry, politics and the public. Our commitment serves to maintain expertise on technical aspects of underground storage and mining law requirements as well as on safety, environmental protection and research.

Our global presence

We continue to strengthen our presence in key markets, develop innovative solutions and acquire companies in prioritized areas. Uniper solutions are sold to over 100 countries and we currently operate in over 40 countries.