Enabling decarbonization journeys

Companies of all sizes and in all sectors need to decarbonize. In part to do the right thing. But also to meet challenges to their business. The EU’s ambitious climate targets are making emissions thresholds stricter, and carbon prices are likely to rise and affect more industries. Companies also face greater pressure along their value chain, as stakeholders and enterprise partners expect them to meet sustainability standards. And their access to capital depends on an increasingly sustainability-oriented financial market.

Climate protection creates opportunities too. Lowering emissions now reduces companies’ uncertainty regarding future regulations and their exposure to rising carbon prices. Decarbonization will also enhance efficiency and deliver cost savings. Helpfully, decarbonization can often be partially funded through government subsidy programs.

Uniper knows these challenges and opportunities. We aim to become the go-to partner for decarbonization solutions. We also want to forge long-term relationships and accompany customers along their entire decarb journey.


Our catalog of products addresses four main areas:

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Design and enable

We design an individually tailored decarbonization roadmap. It describes in detail which specific measures are necessary to achieve the decarbonization targets.

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Reduce and enhance

We show customers how to reduce their energy consumption and enhance their energy efficiency. Maintenance and process optimization are often two of the most important levers.

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Switch and supply

We help customers switch their on-site generation to a lower-carbon and more efficient energy source and supply them with hydrogen, biomethane, and other green fuels. We also provide energy-storage solutions.

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Offset and recycle

We assist customers in offsetting their unavoidable emissions or capturing and recycling them.

Uniper’s approach is tailored to each customer’s individual objectives, circumstances, and budget. Our aim is always to minimize the total cost of decarbonization by guiding customers to the right investments and assisting them in arranging funding and obtaining available subsidies. We combine deep technical knowledge with market and policymaking intelligence. This enables us to help customers define what needs to be done today to embark on a journey toward sustainability objectives that may be a decade or more away.

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The Uniper Decarbonization Quiz

What do you know about decarbonization? What does it mean to decarbonize your business? Why should we do it and how can it be done? Test and expand your knowledge by answering these questions. Start our decarbonization quiz, designed by our very own trainees!

Index Net-Zero survey report 2022

What do Germany’s industrial sectors think about decarbonization?

Index Net-Zero is a survey of decision-makers and decarbonization leaders across German industry, conducted on behalf of Uniper. It can help you better understand the attitudes, technologies, goals, and challenges that are driving the journey to net-zero.

Index Net Zero 2022

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We continue to strengthen our presence in key markets, develop innovative solutions and acquire companies in prioritized areas. Uniper solutions are sold to over 100 countries and we currently operate in over 40 countries.