SkyFuelH2 – launching a sustainable aviation industry

Achieving the global climate targets requires high ambitions and large investments. SkyFuelH2 is a highly innovative industrial project by Uniper and Sasol ecoFT which aims to establish a unique, first-of-its-kind production facility for sustainable aviation fuel. Långsele, in Sollefteå, holds the perfect mix of electricity and biomass supply as well as suitable land areas.

By being able to supply up to 10% of the Swedish aviation industry’s annual fuel consumption with a sustainable alternative, SkyFuelH2 would be the launch of a brand-new industry to enable the climate transition of the aviation industry. If established, the project would support job creation in the local area, both directly and indirectly.

What is sustainable aviation fuel?

In partnership with Sasol ecoFT, world-leaders within a processing technique called Fischer-Tropsch, the ambition is to for the first time use this process at industry scale to produce sustainable aviation fuel by combining hydrogen and carbon from biomass.

Sweden has a strong international position when it comes to leading the way in climate change, and sustainable aviation fuel is no exception. Thanks to good access to residual products from industry and the forest, Sweden has particularly good conditions for developing the aviation fuel of the future.

Illustration of the project Skyfuel

Uniper has, after close collaboration with Sollefteå municipality, signed a Letter of intent to, in joint collaboration with Sasol ecoFT, further investigate the possibility to establish SkyFuelH2 in Långsele.

The work now continues together with partners, Sollefteå municipality as well as further technical investigations for the development of the project. After this, the intention is to initiate a consultation process for the dialogue with residents, local business and associations, politicians and relevant authorities.

After thorough investigations and consultation processes, the ambition is to begin construction of the SkyFuelH2 facility in 2025, in order to be able to supply the aviation industry with fossil-free aviation fuel as early as 2028.

Uniper is proud to be part of the work towards a sustainable aviation industry and the industry revolution of the North of Sweden through the ambitions with SkyFuelH2.

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Hydrogen is not an energy source in itself, but just like electricity it is an energy carrier. It can therefore not be determined to be renewable, fossil-free or fossil without knowledge about the production process – it can be any of these things, depending entirely on how it is manufactured. 

In line with the global climate goals, the Swedish parliament has decided that Sweden will have net zero emissions of carbon dioxide by 2045. For Sweden to achieve this goal, the electricity system must be developed at a rapid pace.

More fossil-free electricity will be required in the future. By 2050, Sweden could need twice as much electricity as today – about 150 TWh more than today. How are we to succeed with this?

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