Laboratory analysis 

Karlshamnsverket’s laboratory is accredited by Swedac according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 to carry out specific water and oil analyses. This is one step in developing and supporting the quality of our work. 

If you want more information about our accreditation, contact us or refer to our accreditation certificate on Swedac’s website. 

We have extensive experience with feedwater chemistry and can help you maintain good control over your boiler water. We can measure silicon, sodium, iron and copper at low concentrations. If you have an oil separator, we can determine the oil index and also offer an oil classification if you want to know what kind of oil you have in your water. 

For fuel oil and bio oils, we can offer important operational and environmental analyses. Analyses include calorific value, elementary analysis, sulfur, emissions factors, flash point, density, water, viscosity, acid index and ashes. 

We can also mix silicon reagents for several of the silicon analyzers on the market. 

Analyses are carried out during ordinary working hours, within seven workdays unless otherwise agreed upon. For prices and more information, download our price list below. 

You are welcome to contact us when ordering analysis services. Please download our order form. 

Information and forms from Karlshamnsverket laboratory 

Here is information and order forms: 

Information and prices (Swedish) 2023
PDF - 395.87 KB
Order analysis services (Swedish)
PDF - 51.91 KB
Invoice information – New customer (Swedish)
PDF - 107.22 KB
Sample amounts for oil analyses (Swedish)
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Accreditation certificate (Swedish)
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Karlshamnsverket Laboratory

Munkahusvägen , Karlshamn 37431, Sweden
+46 (0)454-850 60

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Karlshamnsverket is an oil-fired peak and reserve power plant. It’s situated in southern Sweden, which requires more capacity than other parts of the country.

Karlshamnsverket is the largest peak and reserve power plant in Scandinavia. The facility is final life line of the Swedish electricity system.  

We work deliberately and systematically with all kinds of environmental issues that are relevant for our operations.

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