Uniper’s supplier portal

Our procurement activities are decentralized into our various companies. We strive to coordinate the goods and services purchased by our subsidiaries into our corporate categories. Every year we buy goods and services on a large scale and our wide purchasing requirements range from office supplies to water turbines.

As a supplier to Uniper, you become part of us and our large network of business opportunities within the company. At the same time we expect our suppliers to give us the best possible total cost of ownership and to actively collaborate with us to improve and contribute to a long-term business relationship beneficial for both parties.

We welcome new and existing suppliers to Uniper’s supplier portal. Here you can read more about what is in demand at Uniper, the requirements and prerequisites we have, and how you can participate in our tenders.

Global Uniper Procurement

Become a supplier

Our requirements

On registering, you as the supplier have to meet certain Uniper specific requirements such as CS (Corporate Sustainability), ethics and morality, environmental and work environment requirements and confidentiality.

    General terms and conditions

    Here you as a supplier can find important documents regarding our general terms and conditions, requirements and technical specifications.

    General Terms and Conditions Sydkraft AB, 60 days net
    PDF - 154.57 KB
    General Terms and Conditions Sydkraft AB, 30 days net
    PDF - 158.93 KB
    General Terms and Conditions Sydkraft AB, 15 days net
    PDF - 155.29 KB

    Payment terms

    Here you as a supplier can find descriptions regarding our payment terms.

    Payment terms Illustration Sydkraft, 60 days net
    PDF - 26.67 KB
    Payment terms Illustration Sydkraft, 30 days net
    PDF - 27.97 KB
    Payment terms Illustration Sydkraft, 15 days net
    PDF - 27.85 KB

    Other supplier documents

    Uniper Supplier Code of Conduct
    PDF - 134.78 KB
    Non-Disclosure Agreement Sydkraft
    PDF - 100.84 KB

    Company-specific terms and supplier documents

    Here you as a supplier can find our company-specific terms and condition.

    HSE Requirements Sydkraft Hydropower AB
    PDF - 123.86 KB
    HSE requirements for contractors, Sydkraft Thermal Power AB
    PDF - 267.9 KB

    SAP Ariba

    Uniper uses the SAP Ariba suite as a cloud solution to manage the interface to suppliers. This relates especially to two main processes: Supplier Qualification and conducting tenders (eSourcing). Please see the download section below for detailed guidance.

    Ariba Supplier Lifecycle & Performance (SLP) - Supplier Management & Qualification

    The Ariba Supplier Lifecycle and Performance (SLP) solution enables us to maintain our suppliers' information and to conduct supplier qualifications on one platform. Our suppliers can keep their information up to date and manage their relationship with both Uniper as well as other customers using their Ariba Network account.

    Ariba Sourcing – Electronic tendering and eAuctions

    Ariba Sourcing is our online solution for Group-wide sourcing. The procurement processes from internal demand bundling, request for information (RFI), request for proposal (RFP), up to performing eAuctions are managed on this platform. Suppliers receive invitations via E-Mail to participate in tender events and (if not yet registered) a separate invitation to SLP. A self-registration in advance as supplier is currently not possible.


    Documentation on how to work with Uniper's Ariba interface. The supplier guide describes general procedures and answers frequently asked questions, the Ariba Sourcing manual details the supplier's activities on our eSourcing platform.

    Uniper Ariba Supplier Guide - How to get started
    PDF - 886.02 KB
    SAP Ariba Sourcing - Supplier Manual
    PDF - 1.01 MB


    Sweden eTendering team

    eTendering Team

    Here you can register in the Achilles UNCE database

    - only relevant for OKG AB

    We use the supplier database UNCE, operated by Achilles to register suppliers for our nuclear companies. A prerequisite before contract signing with Uniper companies in Sweden is a complete registration in the Achilles UNCE database. Our Purchaser gives you more information in connection with the tender and contractual signature. An annual fee is payable on registration to Achilles. At full registration, companies in the Nordic and Central European Energy Market will be able to access your company data.


    Billing procedures

    We strive to make our invoice flow as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. It is important that the invoices sent to us are correct, in order for them to be processed and paid on time. Do not forget to enter invoice reference, i.e. our recipient of your invoice and our order number, if applicable. The following are the ways that you as a provider can send a bill to us:

    The following companies are part of Uniper in Sweden


    Organisation number

    Barsebäck Kraft AB


    OKG AB


    Sydkraft AB


    Sydkraft Försäkring AB


    Sydkraft Hydrogen AB


    Sydkraft Hydropower AB


    Sydkraft Nuclear Power AB


    Sydkraft Nuclear Services AB


    Sydkraft Thermal Power AB


    E-mail invoice

    You can e-mail your invoice to us in PDF format. It is important that you only send one invoice (one PDF document) per e-mail. Below is the address to which you send your invoice.

    [email protected]

    Postal delivery

    Company name, FE11198, 838 82 Frösön


    If you need to clarify any issues relating to a particular invoice, credit note or reminder, you are always welcome to contact our Business Service Centre in Regensburg on [email protected], or Spot Buy Desk on +46 8 5033 6468 or [email protected].


    Benkt Lie

    Benkt Lie

    Sydkraft AB; Sydkraft Hydropower AB; Sydkraft Thermal Power AB
    Anna Johannesson

    Anna Johannesson

    OKG AB; Barsebäck Kraft AB; Sydkraft Nuclear AB

    Our global presence

    We continue to strengthen our presence in key markets, develop innovative solutions and acquire companies in prioritized areas. Uniper solutions are sold to over 100 countries and we currently operate in over 40 countries.