Follow our pioneer work with decommissioning and dismantling

At Barsebäck we close the lifecycle management of nuclear power production. Responsible decommissioning and dismantling create the conditions for continued power generation with nuclear power, thus allowing Sweden to reach our ambitious climate targets. We see this as our most important contribution.

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About Barsebäck Kraft

Barsebäck Kraft is a closed nuclear power plant located in Öresund north of Malmö.

The plant was closed after a political decision in the late 1990s, and is owned by Uniper, who is also responsible for decommissioning and dismantling.

The nuclear power plant had two reactors. First, Barsebäck 1 was closed in 1999 and then Barsebäck 2 was closed in 2005.

Barsebäck’s nuclear power plant is now under decommissioning and dismantlement. The used nuclear fuel has been disposed of a long time ago, and soon the reactor tanks has been emptied for all their internal parts.

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