A common path

Climate protection, nuclear and coal phase-out, the expansion of renewable energies as well as the conversion and expansion of the grid infrastructure and, last but not least, security of supply - a multitude of topics determine the discussion about future energy supply. Everyone agrees that CO2 emissions must be significantly reduced in energy production and consumption in order to mitigate the consequences of climate change that are already noticeable today.

As one of the largest energy generation and trading companies in Europe, we are highly motivated and take responsibility to actively shape the energy transition. Together with our customers we do this to successfully drive forward the decarbonization of our economy and society.

Uniper strategy


The energy transition is imperative and we support the decarbonization goals from the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015. Therefore, we have declared the transition as an integral part of our new strategy - and have the ambition to actively shape and accelerate it. Despite numerous positive steps that have already been taken, the energy transition represents a tour de force for Uniper. Much still needs to happen: New political and economic framework conditions must contribute to a better and faster energy transition. We are also actively facing this challenge: By 2035, we will shift our energy generation in Europe to climate-neutral - and offer our customers increasingly climate-friendly energy solutions and products.

One thing is clear: renewables alone are not enough for the energy transition; we need natural gas as bridging technology. Natural gas is sufficiently available and offers security of supply, regardless of sunshine and wind. In addition, we can rely on a very good European infrastructure and thus make the transition safe. In the long term, the future clearly belongs to renewables. Hydropower will remain an important component as base-load green energy. And to make energy from wind and sun available at all times, we are investing in future technologies such as power-to-gas.

Our goal

Optimal support for our customers

Whether you are a regional energy supplier, municipal utility, industrial customer or energy trader, only together can we successfully shape the energy transition and achieve climate protection targets. That is why Uniper supports you individually and personally in the creation and marketing of a CO2 -neutral energy portfolio. In doing so, we focus entirely on your current energy needs. From full green electricity or natural gas supply to the delivery of partial quantities to flexible proof of origin or the use of new technologies, we offer you a wide range of solutions for a greener future.

In the future, Uniper would like to expand its role as an important partner of "CO2 neutral customers". This means: We systematically advise our customers on how to position themselves sustainably in terms of energy management.

Energieprodukte Grüne Produkte

Green energy with all facets

With constant expansion of our range of green products, we enable all customers to procure CO2-neutral energy with flexible proof of origin, now and in the future. This starts with CO2-free generated electricity from our German and Swedish hydro power plants, continues with climate-neutral natural gas, for which energy-related environmental and climate protection projects are supported worldwide, and extends to bio natural gas and green hydrogen using innovative power-to-gas technologies. Uniper already a diverse and future-oriented product range for shaping a sustainable, climate-friendly energy portfolio. With Uniper, you make an active contribution to climate protection today and in future.

Our promise

Security of supply despite coal phase-out

Uniper has long relied on hydropower for renewable electricity generation, which, unlike wind power or photovoltaics, is available around the clock, even if there is a lull or the sun is not shining. In more than 180 Uniper-owned hydropower plants in Germany and Sweden, we constantly generate the amount of electricity you need, including flexible certificates of origin and certification. In this way, we guarantee you a CO2-free electricity supply for your own needs or those of your customers, regardless of time and weather.

Do you also want CO2-neutrality for your natural gas? Uniper offers the right solution here as well. When burned, natural gas is by far the most climate-friendly fossil fuel and is therefore ideal for decarbonizing our economy and society. Since climate protection can only be achieved on a global scale, we make your natural gas demand CO2-neutral by promoting energy-related, national and international climate protection projects that demonstrably offset CO2 emissions.

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"We will need players like Uniper to achieve the energy transition."

Dr. Frank Hoster
Dr. Frank Hoster
Head of Energy Management

Your advantage

Experience, expertise and innovative strength

Benefit from our more than 100 years of experience in energy generation and trading as well as from our expertise in renewable energies and innovative generation technologies. We use these to your advantage and invest continuously for expansion and further development. For example, we are one of the nationwide pioneers in the innovative power-to-gas technology for converting renewable electricity into hydrogen with a plant in Falkenhagen (Brandenburg, Germany).

We would be happy to advise you personally and show you ways to green your energy portfolio easily and sustainably. Let's start together hand in hand.

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