Our value proposition for electricity & gas supply schemes

In case you have high expectations on energy procurement and you are aware about your demand as well as which balancing capacity and flexibilities your supply should contain?   Then Uniper, with one of the largest electricity and gas offerings in Germany, is your ideal partner. Whatever your procurement strategy, we can offer you customized products or jointly develop the right solution for your energy needs.

Own balance sheet group or a sub balance account at Uniper?

Do you value reliable and market-oriented energy supply? You decide whether you want to be supplied in a Uniper sub-balancing account or within your own balance sheet group. We are at your side as a strong partner in this decision. Whether full supply or scheduled supply, flexibility or band, see our extensive product portfolio and find the right product for your procurement strategy. You have doubts whether your strategy is the right one for you? Contact us, our portfolio management experts know all opportunities of the energy market.

Our supply concepts for your balance sheet group management

High flexibility in a sub balance sheet account

Energiebeschaffung Vollversorgung

Uniper balance sheet group

Do you prefer an active procurement strategy in which you can determine order quantities and trading products flexibly and independently of balance sheet groups at any time? Uniper offers you the right products for this. Choose between fixed or variable order quantities and one or more trading products, or combine both according to your needs.

Simplify your procurement and limit yourself to one trading product (e.g. calendar year). For optimal price fixing, you then only need to look at this price development and quantity forecast. If you want to keep an eye on and use more than one instrument for price and quantity fixing for price optimization, simply select the option "several trading products".

Determine the granularity of your orders yourself: Quarter hour (electricity only) / hour / day / month / quarter / season / year. For variable order quantities, we offer you the option of flexibly adjusting the quantity that can be ordered for pricing per  granularity during the order phase.

Benefit from selected additional options

To hedge your procurement risks individually, supplement your delivery concepts with our additional contractual options, such as the targeted hedging of temperature risks, the agreement of quantity tolerances around your order quantity or support in the selection of optimal order times.

Individual supplements to your supply contract

No risk from demand-driven fluctuations


Lieferkonzepte Gas Stromeinkauf

Your balance sheet group

For delivery to your balance sheet group, Uniper offers not only standard trading products but also individual energy solutions with our special products, such as quarter-hourly schedules in electricity, hourly schedules and temperature schedules in gas as well as freely nominable option products (flexible delivery) in gas.

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Our global presence

We continue to strengthen our presence in key markets, develop innovative solutions and acquire companies in prioritized areas. Uniper solutions are sold to over 100 countries and we currently operate in over 40 countries.