Our Regulations Management team supports existing customers and all Uniper companies with their issues relating to the professional management of regulations, such as laws, standards, technical rules and of their drafts.

By regularly researching regulations, monitoring sources of regulations, standards and law, we are always up to date. This enables us to comprehensively maintain the regulatory and legal register for our customers and ourselves. In doing so, we regularly review instructions and specifications, provide summaries of changes to regulations and make specific recommendations for action.

We support our customers in obtaining certifications. These include occupational safety ISO 45001, energy management ISO 50001, environmental protection management ISO 14001, quality management ISO 9001 and nuclear facilities KTA 1401.

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The new standards management solution for international codes and standards.

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It supports the fulfillment of all requirements from occupational safety and environmental protection as well as quality and sustainability management.

Portal Rechtsvorschriften ® (Kompendium Arbeitsschutz)

It provides all information on applicable environmental, energy and occupational health and safety legislation within the company and for projects.

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