Commitment of the board

Through its commitment to compliance, the board makes clear its rejection of infringements of any kind.

"Compliance is particularly important for Uniper as a company operating worldwide and forms an essential part of its integrity and culture. We can expect our business transactions and projects to be accepted by society only if we always comply with laws and regulations elsewhere and at all times. The integrity of each staff member is indispensable if we want to retain the trust of our stakeholders, such as our customers, suppliers and shareholders.“

(Extract from Uniper Board Commitment)

Board of management compliance commitment
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Being a role model starts from the top

Additionally, according to our Code of Conduct, at the end of the year, the Leadership Team members or board members must confirm in writing to their immediate supervisors that they, together with those in their area of responsibility, have complied with the Code of Conduct since the last exercise.

At Uniper the principles of compliance are reinforced and lived by our management who serves as a role model encouraging employees to strive towards those standards throughout the organizational structure.

Code of conduct

Code of Conduct


"Our Code establishes the basic principles of conduct that everyone at Uniper must follow. It reflects our commitment to one another, to our business and to our communities. This Code is a compass to guide our decisions and, in particular, to help us to do the right thing when difficult situations arise.”

(Extract from the Code of Conduct)


Code of Conduct - Version 2023
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Supplier Code of Conduct

Uniper also has a Supplier Code of Conduct, which is an integral part as general terms and conditions of all contracts between Uniper and its suppliers. It expressly recognizes the ten UN Global Compact principles and provides an expectation that our suppliers also observe these fundamental provisions in their actions.

Suppliers Code of Conduct 2023
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Reports on violations (whistleblowing)

Reports on violations (Whistleblowing)


At Uniper we are committed to fostering a culture where our employees feel safe to speak up and report any potential infractions against the Code of Conduct and other violations of law or internal company policies, in particular those involving corruption, money laundering and terrorism financing, sanctions, as well as antitrust, securities law (insider trading), environmental or human rights violations, and all risk that have arisen as a result of the actions of our own employees or of a direct supplier. That is why we have an internal and an external whistleblower hotline where anyone who becomes aware of above mentioned breaches or risks can report them at any time – also anonymously. Both ways of reporting are equally available to all third parties in verbal or text form.


Uniper’s Internal Whistleblower Hotline

Reports on potential rule violations or risks may be directed to the Uniper Compliance Whistleblowing Team at our specific whistleblowing hotline at [email protected].


Uniper’s External Independent Whistleblower Hotline

Alternatively, whistleblowers may contact our external independent whistleblower hotline operated by the law firm Simmons & Simmons and available at [email protected] or by telephone.

External Whistleblower Hotline Simmons Simmons
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Procedure and guarantees:

To allow a transparent approach and communication of any grievance, Uniper has set up a complaints procedure that is further described in the Business Directive Whistleblowing Procedure.

Reports will be accepted in all local languages and the receipt will be confirmed within 7 days after the reception.

Our Compliance Whistleblowing Team and the operators of our external whistleblowing hotline are not bound by instructions, they are independent and bound to secrecy. They will discuss the facts with the whistleblower.

Confidentiality of identity of the whistleblower as well as effective protection against disadvantage or punishment as a result of a complaint is ensured. The process adheres  to  the applicable data protection  laws.

Any  founded  non-compliant  behavior  report  is  subject,  if  applicable,  to  the respective  disciplinary  actions  or  sanctions  under  labor  law  (including  dismissal)  and  other legal sanctions.

Whistleblowing Procedure
Compliance Management System

Compliance Management System


In order to prevent, detect and stop compliance violations a Compliance Management System (“CMS”) for all core compliance topics was established by the Board when Uniper was founded.

Uniper’s CMS is based on the framework of the widely accepted auditing standard IDW Assurance Standard 980 and is reviewed and updated regularly based on a company-specific risk analysis.

Uniper compliance measures focus on preventing corruption, money laundering, terrorist financing, international sanctions, as well as violations of antitrust and securities law (insider trading) among other topics and all risks associated with these activities.

Our Compliance Programme promotes

An organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct and commitment to compliance with the law supporting a strong compliance programme, frequent training and fluent communication;

Doing what is right, following the rules, feeling safe to speak up when identifying something wrong, being vocal about compliance’s importance and asking critical questions;

Not letting business or personal interests thwart legal and ethical standards;

Embracing a preventive, rather than reactive, mindset towards compliance risks.

Compliance Organization

Compliance Organization


The Legal and Compliance Team supports Uniper employees to navigate the vast sea of laws, statutes and regulations affecting day-to-day operations and the internal rules which define their compliance responsibilities.

International Compliance Network

To manage compliance risks more effectively and to support the management in acting compliant throughout the business, Uniper has put in place an international compliance network of Compliance Officers.


Uniper’s Chief Compliance Officer reports directly to Uniper's Chairman of the Management Board and is responsible for the suitability and effectiveness of the CMS in the area of Legal and Compliance. He is assisted in his role at corporate level by Dr. Jens Hüffer (Senior Vice President for Compliance) and his team as well as by decentralized compliance officers and line managers (in the various divisions or legal entities). The board serving as a collegial body bears overall responsibility for compliance.

"While Uniper complies with legal requirements, we seek to do more by demonstrating the highest ethical standards in everything we do."

Dr. Jens Hüffer SVP Compliance

Dr. Jens Hüffer

Jens Hüffer

SVP Compliance

Culture and Communication

Our internal logo, our values, our culture

Our internal logo, our values, our culture

Some define “living integrity” as living life in accordance with an internal set of beliefs. For us, integrity is more than a belief. It is a part of our built-in compliance culture.

Communicating is just as important as regulating

No matter how good your policies are, if employees aren’t aware of them, organizations haven’t fulfilled their goals. For this reason, at Uniper we believe that clear communication is an essential element of our compliance programme. One example of our communication activities is the Uniper’s Compliance Day.

Compliance day

Uniper's Compliance Day

Uniper's Compliance Day is an international program developed by Compliance to sensitize the business with the basics of the compliance culture & policies and to make employees more aware of their own responsibility when it comes to compliance. Additionally, these events serve to strengthen ties with the Compliance Officers and to get closer to employees of all Uniper locations.

Interactive, communicative and approachable

Commitment of the board

Our global presence

We continue to strengthen our presence in key markets, develop innovative solutions and acquire companies in prioritized areas. Uniper solutions are sold to over 100 countries and we currently operate in over 40 countries.