Our value proposition in the Uniper balancing group

Flexibility is a core element of your procurement strategy? You appreciate convenience and service? Our products in the Uniper balancing group offer you both - whether fixed or variable order quantities, a tranche price with downstream price fixing, or a residual supply with third-party quantities. As a regional energy supplier or industrial company, you choose which product and which pricing model suits you best. Whatever you decide, Uniper will of course take care of the balancing group management for your sub-balancing account.

Our products at a glance

Strom Gas tranchierte Produkte

Tranched products

Do you want to procure your energy early on, but remain flexible in terms of price and also use short-term market developments to your advantage at any time? Then Uniper's tranched products are in place to cover your individual electricity and gas requirements. Whether flexible or fixed order quantities, Uniper offers you a choice of various trading products by which you can still actively influence your energy price on a daily basis, even after it has been contractually fixed, and benefit financially.

Full supply at a fixed or formula price

Do you want to secure your annual electricity or gas requirements early on and conveniently procure the entire contract volume at a fixed price or a formula price? Then benefit from Uniper's full supply including balance sheet group management for your sub-account. Determine your tolerance band as well as a possible third-party quantity supply and secure an energy price for your delivery period.

Strom Gas Vollversorgung
Strom Gas Uniper Bilanzkreis

Additional options & add-ons

In addition to a high degree of flexibility in energy procurement, is it important for you to supplement and upgrade your existing supply contracts in line with your needs? Uniper offers customers with a sub-balance sheet account a wide range of additional options such as MATIC, reverse, third-party supply or the greening of your energy portfolio, which you can contractually supplement individually at any time.

Green energy

Are you looking for a strong partner on the road to a green future who can offer you individual and flexible solutions for shaping a sustainable energy portfolio? Uniper provides what you need. From 100 percent renewable electricity generation from hydropower including extensive proof of origin, CO2 -neutral natural gas to bio natural gas, we offer customers with a sub-balance sheet account a wide range of options to actively contribute to climate protection.

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We continue to strengthen our presence in key markets, develop innovative solutions and acquire companies in prioritized areas. Uniper solutions are sold to over 100 countries and we currently operate in over 40 countries.