Moreover, gas-fired power plants have the potential to be converted to hydrogen or biofuels, making them even climate-friendlier. The same advantages apply to heavy industry, space heating, and transport. Here too, shifting from coal and petroleum products to gas and furthermore hydrogen or biofuels would reduce emissions swiftly, sharply, and affordably.

Uniper the enabler

Uniper is ideally placed to lead the conversion to gas. We’re already converting one coal site to gas, and investigating such a step for other sites. In addition to being cleaner than coal, gas-fired plants can ramp up and down very quickly. This makes them transmission system operators’ ideal choice for balancing out the fluctuations in renewables output and keeping the grid stable.

We’re also one of Europe’s largest importers of pipeline gas and LNG. Uniper’s reliable supply of gas and LNG supports Europe’s transition to a lower-carbon future. And the infrastructure supporting that — including our 8 bcm of underground gas storage capacity — will be essential for establishing a hydrogen economy.

Our other energy sources

Our global presence

We continue to strengthen our presence in key markets, develop innovative solutions and acquire companies in prioritized areas. Uniper solutions are sold to over 100 countries and we currently operate in over 40 countries.