Digital is the next step change in performance for the energy sector

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How we are digitalizing our operations with COODE

COODE (Chief Operating Officers Digital Evolution) is helping our people to make faster, better decisions. Its securing the data foundation of our operations and ensuring we are future ready and competitive in an ever changing market. 

Empowering our people to benefit from data

Our digital transformation is centred around the  people who know our assets best, being supported to grow their digital skills, and sharing their ideas on how to do something better across our energy technologies.  

We have world class operational teams and digitalization initiatives across our technology diverse portfolio – COODE brings all those innovations together and makes those solutions transparent and available for everyone.  

Strengthening and delivering transparency of our data

Control room workers

Our modern, cloud only IT infrastructure enables our Teams to develop new and agile ways of working to connect, simplify and automate operational activities across our portfolio.  

With COODE we are focusing on connecting systems and databases and increasing transparency.  

Aligned with our Group wide Asset and IT strategy, we are delivering our vision of one single source of data and one touch processes.  

"Change across the energy sector is accelerating. We're utilizing our data and digital ways of working to solve our business problems, innovate and improve the way we operate - so that we are ahead of the change"

Holger Kreetz

Chief Operating Officer, Uniper

Did you know?

of our solutions contribute to our beyond zero strategy

Solving problems and optimizing our assets with data

COODE isn’t about the latest App or gadget – it’s about solving operational problems, reducing work load and improving the way we work and do business – by benefitting from reliable data  insights.  

The digital solutions initiated by our operational teams, are helping us to reduce unnecessary maintenance, lower our costs, and to schedule longer intervals between outages – keeping the lights on for longer. 

Unlocking the value of our data is giving us time to focus on world class operation and delivering our energy evolution. 

Peter Struckmann

Peter Struckmann

COO Digital Evolution

Our global presence

We continue to strengthen our presence in key markets, develop innovative solutions and acquire companies in prioritized areas. Uniper solutions are sold to over 100 countries and we currently operate in over 40 countries.