Greening of your end-customer products and supplies

Whether you are a distributor or an industrial customer, we offer you specific and non-specific guarantees of origin (GoOs) for electricity labeling and greening of end-customer products and supplies or your company.

Our offer

Schwedische Wasserkraft
  • Certifications without specification
  • Certificates with specification: age of the plant, country of origin and energy source are defined
  • Same quantity delivery: number of certificates of origin produced within one calendar year
  • Simultaneous delivery: number of certificates of origin produced within a quarter of an hour
  • Exclusive marketing: Power plant allocation possible. The certificates of origin generated by a power plant are marketed exclusively to one customer.
  • Physical coupling: Electricity supply from single-variety hydropower balancing group
  • + certificates of origin of the same quantity

Your advantages

  • Wide range of certificates of origin
  • Greening of electricity deliveries to your end customers
  • Greening your electricity supplies as a Uniper end customer
  • Transfer or invalidation of the certificates of origin for the electricity labelling
Grüne Vollversorgung

Our guarantees of origin in detail

Mandatory electricity labeling requires proof for green electricity products that the electricity supplied actually comes from renewable energy sources. The guarantee of origin certifies in the form of an electronic document where and how electricity from renewable energies was produced and fed into the grid. For each megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable electricity, we receive exactly one guarantee of origin. The electronic document is cancelled after delivery of the electricity. This prevents double marketing. The guarantees of origin are only issued for electricity from renewable energies that was generated independently of statutory subsidies.

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