Rely on electricity from hydropower

Uniper hydro power plants provide reliable, base-load energy that is not only capable of restoring the system in the event of a grid failure, but is also an important complement to wind and solar power. Our in-depth knowledge of power generation flows into the optimization of our hydropower plants on a daily basis.

Product highlights

German hydropower:

  • 109 hydropower plants with a capacity of 2,000 MW
  • Annual generation of 6 TWh
  • Generation certification TÜV Süd EE

Swedish hydropower:

  • 76 hydropower plants in Sweden with a capacity of 1,700 MW
  • Annual generation of 8 TWh
  • Partly with generation certification TÜV Süd EE
  • Every kilowatt hour of hydropower is generated almost CO2 -free

Reliable and climate-friendly

Wasserkraft Vorteile

Energy from hydropower

Hydropower is the most mature and oldest renewable energy in the world. It is the only renewable energy source capable of ensuring a stable power supply. Unlike photovoltaics and wind power, it is not affected by weather-related fluctuations. Today, so-called pumped storage power plants are able to switch between electricity production and storage as needed. In this way, they serve to balance out energy production in the event of consumption fluctuations.

The energy transition: electricity from hydropower gets into focus

By operating 109 hydroelectric power plants in Germany that produce emission-free energy, Uniper makes an important contribution to the energy transition. Along the rivers Lech, Isar, Danube, Main and some lakes, we use the natural energy of water on more than 1,000 km. With a total of 2 GW of installed capacity, Uniper is one of the largest operators of hydropower plants in Germany.

In addition, Uniper operates 76 further hydropower plants in Sweden, which is considered one of the industrial nations with the smallest CO2 footprint in the world. We operate the Swedish hydropower plants with a capacity of 1,700 MW and an annual generation of 8 TWh. The Scandinavian country plays an important role in energy generation from hydropower and holds great potential for an equally ecological and economic energy turnaround in Europe. This is because the more water that hits a turbine from greatest possible falling height, the higher the energy production. Therefore, landscapes with pronounced differences in gradient and a lot of precipitation, such as in Sweden, are appointed for generation of electricity from hydropower. As the third-largest operator of hydropower plants in Sweden, Uniper not only supports the local economy, but is also able to reliably and safely supply the German market with cost- effective energy. From Lycksele in the north to Kristianstad in the south - about 12 percent of Sweden's total hydropower production is contributed by Uniper. The oldest power plant, Hemsjö Övre, was commissioned in 1907 and is located in Mörrumsån.

SÜC Energie and H₂O GmbH

"With Uniper's hydropower, we know exactly where our electricity comes from - namely Bavarian hydropower."

Wilhelm Austen

Wilhelm Austen
Managing Director

Established technology for a new era of energy supply

Wasserkraft Energiewende

Use of hydropower

Hydropower accounts for about 13 percent of Uniper's generation capacity in Europe. In Germany, our hydropower plants cover the energy needs of 1.6 million households. Compared to the current energy mix in this country, this avoids 2.8 million tonnes of CO2 every year. We take account of their great potential with innovative hydropower plants that are constantly being tested and improved.

Safe and economical

Acting in the interest of the environment

Our hydroelectric plants are operated under strict safety regulations. Four so-called river groups prevent environmental damage and protect the surrounding area from flooding—in doing so, we are in close contact with stakeholders and non-governmental organizations. In addition, Uniper supports the development of local flora and fauna in cooperation with various nature conservation associations. The construction of hydropower plants has ecological potential, as it creates valuable retreats for rare animals and plants.

Competitive advantage of existing power plant parks

As there are only a few new locations where hydropower plants can be built or expanded, Uniper has a clear competitive advantage in this area. Our extensive power plant portfolio, which is considered particularly climate-friendly due to the high proportion of gas-fired and hydroelectric power plants, guarantees a reliable supply of electricity in line with demand at all times. Our pumped storage power plants round off the portfolio - they are used to balance out power generation in the event of fluctuations in consumption.

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