Value proposition for portfolio and flexibility services

The ongoing management of a complex energy portfolio is a challenge that requires not only extensive know-how but also direct market access at all times. Uniper's experienced trading experts offer regional energy suppliers or industrial customers a comprehensive range of services for ongoing portfolio management and flexible energy marketing with direct access to all relevant wholesale markets.

Our services for portfolio and flexibility management

Energieprodukte Portfolio Flexibilität Day Ahead Intraday

Day Ahead & Intraday

Do you want to manage your balance sheet group better and reduce the risks from balancing energy in the process? With our day-ahead and intraday services, we offer you the right solution. Our trading experts optimise your balance sheet group 24/7 and use recurring  opportunities of the short-term physical electricity market to your advantage.

EEG direct marketing

Are you looking for a successful marketing partner for your electricity generated from renewable energies and do you want to benefit financially in the best possible way? With the active portfolio management of your EEG plants, Uniper offers a complete package for the direct marketing of electricity volumes on the exchange - reliable, transparent and guaranteed risk-free.

Hero Energy Sales EEG Direktvermarktung
Energieprodukte Portfolio Flexibilität Flex Vermarktung

Flex marketing

Do you want to generate additional revenue through the flexible marketing of decentralized  electricity generation capacities as well as electricity consumption, and do you want to eliminate risks? Then Uniper Flex marketing is the optimal offer for secure access to the balancing power market. We market, you profit.

Energy portal: Uniper Digital

The simple, systematic and efficient design of an energy portfolio is one of your daily challenges? Then our online business portal Uniper Digital for energy providers and industrial customers is the solution for you. You can benefit from our fully digitalised tool for managing and coordinating your own portfolio. With Uniper Digital, you have all individual and market-relevant data in view at all times and actively determine the granularity of your tradable energy quantities - intuitively, clearly and securely.

Hero Energy Sales Uniper Digital
Energieprodukte Services Portfoliomanagement

Portfolio management

How are energy markets developing? How do you find the right strategy for your portfolio? When should you buy, when better to wait? Answers are provided by the portfolio managers of Uniper Market Solutions, who monitor all relevant local, national or global market developments at all times. In this way, we offer a wide range of solutions, from portfolio management to informational, advisory and training services, which will keep you one step ahead of the market.

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