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Our long history as an owner and operator of waste and biomass generation assets gives us a deep understanding of the key challenges facing plant operators.

Case Studies

Through-life Services

Supporting claim against OEM

Our client was concerned that performance of the air-cooled condenser of their recently commissioned waste to energy plant was below design values, potentially reducing maximum power output during the summer period. Our specialist tests determined that the air flow to the ACC was almost 60% below the design value, making a significant impact on steam turbine power output during periods of high ambient temperature. Further measurements confirmed the ACC was not operating at design conditions. Our client was able to use the data in claims against the OEM to provide a ‘fit for purpose’ plant.

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Feasibility, Construction, Commissioning

Independent performance assessment

Our client chose us to provide an independent and trusted view of their new equipment’s performance. They needed assurance that the  performance tests were conducted correctly and were independent of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

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Operation & Maintenance

Swift response ensures plant availability

Our client had identified high temperature and vibration readings from a turbine gearbox, inspection and repairs were required at very short notice. Our turbine engineers responded quickly and were on-site to coincide with a planned outage. We worked round-the-clock to carry out repairs of the gearbox. Inspection highlighted the need for additional refurbishment of bearings and couplings.

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Asset Management & Optimization

Evaluating proposed investment

Our client needed independent data prior to a proposed boiler redesign at their waste-fired plant. Our reliable and independent data on furnace performance supported the design and evaluation of proposed plant improvements.

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Relocation of turbine and generator island

A German client asked us to relocate the turbine, gearbox, generator and oil system of a 34 MWel, 90 MWthermal waste to energy plant to a new location. We decommissioned and dismantled the turbine in its original location, inspected and refurbished all components and installed the turbine on new foundations in the new location. As a result, the turbine and generator island were not only relocated to another plant, we could also increase the process steam pressure and equipped the system with a new control and instrumentation system.

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