Uniper’s strategy is to secure a reliable energy supply while simultaneously propelling the transition to a carbon-neutral future. We’re steadily decarbonizing our business and helping our customers decarbonize theirs. Our strategy has three interrelated components: decarbonization, customer centricity, and security of supply.  

Assessing materiality 

Understanding our stakeholders’ views and expectations is crucial to our success and the public’s acceptance of our operations. We conduct an annual materiality assessment to identify which sustainability issues we should focus on most. Interviews and surveys enable us to gauge the expectations of key stakeholders, such as employees, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), customers, and investors. 

Our 2022 Sustainability Report contains detailed information on the findings of our most recent materiality assessment. 

Cover of 2022 Sustainability Report

Sustainability Strategic Plan 

We drew on the findings of the materiality analysis Uniper to refine our Sustainability Strategic Plan (SSP). The SSP’s purpose is to enable us to execute our corporate strategy while simultaneously enhancing our sustainability. This includes setting improvement targets for our sustainability performance.


Strategic focus areas

Read more about our strategic areas of focus.


For us, protecting the planet means doing our part to tackle climate change, being fully aware of our environmental impact, and continually taking steps to further minimize it.

People and society

Our mission is to help ensure supply security with increasingly cleaner energy. We also work to promote a fair energy transition for everyone: our employees who work at facilities affected by it, for nearby communities, for energy consumers, and for our value chain. We care about our people. That’s why we’re uncompromising on health and safety, have no tolerance of discrimination, and promote diversity and inclusion. We also want to live up to our responsibility toward people affected by our business activities, which is why we manage human rights risks along our supply chain.

Responsible governance

Good corporate governance is a top priority at Uniper. We uphold the highest ethical standards — in everything we do and everywhere we conduct business. This means going above and beyond mere compliance with laws and regulations. We’re also committed to transparent, mutually trusting engagement with our stakeholders. We believe this is the best way to achieve meaningful positive change.

Dr. Andreas Niehoff Head of Sustainability & Systems

Andreas Niehoff

Head of Sustainability & Systems
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Kathrin Becker

Head of Sustainability Reporting & Stakeholder Engagement
Anne Hem Sustainability Manager

Anne Hem

Senior Sustainability Manager
Oliver Roeder

Oliver Roeder

Head of Sustainability & Financial Media Communication

Our global presence

We continue to strengthen our presence in key markets, develop innovative solutions and acquire companies in prioritized areas. Uniper solutions are sold to over 100 countries and we currently operate in over 40 countries.