Uniper’s priority is to provide a secure and reliable supply of power, gas, and heat to its customers, while simultaneously making this energy progressively climate-friendlier.

Generating secure and reliable energy

We own and operate roughly 22.5 GW of generating capacity. Two thirds of it is zero-carbon (hydro, nuclear) or low-carbon (gas). Our power plants are highly efficient, flexible, and reliable. Many of them are crucial for grid stability because they can balance out the fluctuations in wind and solar power. 

22.5 GW

of generating capacity

Securing and diversifying Europe’s gas supply 

Uniper’s long-term import contracts are an integral part of the gas supply in Europe, especially in Germany. It is our mission to supply people in Germany and Europe with reliable energy, especially in such difficult times. Uniper strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Gas from Russia has for a long time played an important role to keep supplies secure and the German economy running. However, these supplies are no longer reliable. We are therefore focusing on making our gas supply more diverse in the short, medium, and long term - for example, by expanding our LNG business. And: we won’t enter into any new long-term gas supply contracts with Russian suppliers. 

Russian activities and next steps

Expanding our LNG business 

We intend to build an LNG terminal in Wilhelmshaven on Germany’s northwest coast. It will be the country’s first and will play a key role in diversifying its gas sources. The terminal’s development will be closely coordinated with our plans to make Wilhelmshaven a green energy hub. The hub will import green ammonia and transform it into green hydrogen and also produce green hydrogen by means of electrolysis. We estimate that the hub will be able to meet more than 10% of Germany’s hydrogen demand by 2030. 

Uniper North America

Gas storage supports supply security

As a leading European gas storage company, Uniper operates underground gas storage facilities in Germany, Britain, and Austria. They help balance fluctuations between summer and winter gas consumption as well as short-term changes in demand, particularly in winter. Like gas, hydrogen can also be stored underground. We’re exploring how to make our storage facilities hydrogen-ready.

4th largest

gas storage company in Europe
David Bryson Chief Operating Officer

Looking ahead, in light of the impacts of the dreadful Russia-Ukraine war, Uniper bears a special responsibility to diversify and secure the European energy supply. We operate critical infrastructure and supply energy to large parts of the German industry and many people in Germany and across Europe. It is of utmost importance to maintain the existing energy flows, and at the same time find ways and means to make the gas supply for Germany and Europe more diverse and thus less vulnerable to geopolitical risks.

David Bryson, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer

Dr. Andreas Niehoff Head of Sustainability & Systems

Andreas Niehoff

Head of Sustainability & Systems
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Kathrin Becker

Head of Sustainability Reporting & Stakeholder Engagement
Anne Hem Sustainability Manager

Anne Hem

Senior Sustainability Manager
Oliver Roeder

Oliver Roeder

Head of Sustainability & Financial Media Communication

Our global presence

We continue to strengthen our presence in key markets, develop innovative solutions and acquire companies in prioritized areas. Uniper solutions are sold to over 100 countries and we currently operate in over 40 countries.