Our plant

Data Barsebäck 1 Barsebäck 2
Construction start 1971 1973
Commercial operation 15 maj 1975 1 juli 1977
Gross capacity 615 MW 615 MW
Permanent shutdown 30 november 1999 31 May 2005
Electricity supplied 93,8 TWh 108 TWh

Technical data Barsebäck

Worth knowing about our facilities

General data
Net output (electrical), MW    600
Reactor type    Boiling water reactor
Reactor supplier    Asea Atom
Turbine supplier    Stal-Laval
Commercial operation    B1 1975, B2 1977


Here you can find more specific data about the different components in our reactor building, reactor vessel, fuel assemblies, control rods, steam generators and pumps.

General data (design value at full output)
Thermal reactor output MW    1800
Number of circulation circuits    4
Operation pressure MPa    7,0
Total coolant flow rate kg/s    7700
Steam flow rate kg/s    900
Steam pressure MPa    7,0
Steam temperature °C    286
Feed water °C    184 

Reactor vessel

Weight tons    530
Total height m    20
Inner diameter m    5,45
Material thickness cm    12,6

Fuel assemblies

Number in core    444
Fuel weight per assembly kg UO2    181/172 kg
Number of fuel rods per assembly    100/96
Encasement material    Zr2
Diameter of fuel pellets mm    8,19

Control rods

Type    Cruciform blades
Number    109
Absorption material    Hafnium, Boron carbide
Drive type    Electro hydraulic

Circulation pumps

Type    Enclosed centrifugal pumps
Number    4
Flow rate m³    2,55
Discharge head m    55


Here you can find more detailed facts about our turbine plant. We have one turbine unit connected to the reactor. The turbine unit consists of one high- and three low-pressure turbines, all mounted on a common shaft with the generator. In the turbine plant there is also a condenser, coolant- and feed water pumps.

Net output MW    620
Efficiency %    33,7
Steam flow rate kg/s    813
Moisture content of primary steam %    0,004
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Steam data

Pressure/temperature before high pressure turbine MPa/°C    6,1/284°C
Pressure/temperature after high pressure turbine MPa/°C    0,65/162°C
Pressure/temperature before low pressure turbine MPa/°C    0,62/256°C
Pressure/temperature in the condenser MPa/ °C    0,043/30°C
External moisture separation and intermediate superheating to °C    256
Number of discharges and area per turbine m²    6x8,5m²
Length of discharge blade cm    95cm
Speed rpm    3000
Flow rate of condenser coolant m³/s    22,2
Temperature rise of condenser coolant °C    11,8
Coolant pumps/turbine>    4
Dumping capacity %    100
Total length of turbine plant m    50

Electrical equipment

Here you find detailed information about our electricity generator, transformers and diesel generators. There is one electricity generator connected to the turbine unit in Barsebäck. We also have diesel generators that operated as emergency units for the onsite electrical power system. Outside the plant there are gas turbines that also could have provided the plant with electricity in emergency cases. 

Electricity generator

Manufacturer    ASEA
Number    1
Terminal output MW    620
Rated voltage kV    17,5
Rated output MVA    710
Stator cooling    Water
Rotor cooling    Water
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Main transformers

Number    1
Rated voltage kV    17,5/410
Rated output MVA    700

Diesel generators

Number    4
Engine manufacturer    MTV
Nominal output kW    1600
Rated voltage kV    6,3
Rated output MVA    2,1
Speed rpm    1500

Source: KSU, Kärnkraftsäkerhet och Utbildning AB

Activities on the site

Plant Service It is important to maintain and take care of Barsebäck Nuclear Power Plant up until its dismantlement. The power plant is still a nuclear facility, which is subject to the authorities' rules and regulations and must be constantly monitored. A large part of this work is taken care of by the Plant Service department, which is also responsible for the important areas that are fire protection, environmental protection and radiation protection.