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Here you will find all our relevant supplier documents in one place. From general to specific terms and conditions, from individual platform user guides to official manuals and other relevant information.

For details on our supplier processes, please see our > supplier section.

General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

Our general terms and conditions form the basis for all purchase orders within the Uniper Group.

General Terms and Conditions for Purchase Contracts, Contracts for Work and Materials and Contracts for Work and Services
2021 - 301.15 KB
General Terms and Conditions of Purchase for Planning, Supervision and Appraisal
PDF - 324.86 KB
General Purchasing Conditions of Uniper Group for the Provision of Services
PDF - 281.64 KB
Specific terms and conditions

Specific terms and conditions

General Purchasing Conditions for the Purchase of Standard Software at Uniper IT GmbH
PDF - 264.93 KB
General Terms and Conditions of Contract for the Provision of IT Services
PDF - 236.2 KB
Safety requirements

Safety requirements for contractors

The safety requirements for contractors lay down fundamental safety rules to be observed by Uniper contractors when working at our offices, stations and/or construction sites.

Uniper Energy Storage | Safety Requirements for Contractors
PDF - 5.44 MB
Uniper Benelux | General Safety Regulations (EN)
PDF - 160.19 KB


More safety regulations are available on our German page. >

Supplier code of conduct

Supplier code of conduct

We expect our suppliers to comply with our social, environmental and corporate governance standards. The Supplier Code of Conduct is an integral part of all contracts between Uniper, our suppliers, and their upstream suppliers.

Uniper Supplier Code of Conduct
PDF - 134.78 KB
Benelux specific documents

Benelux specific documents

Uniper Benelux | General Terms and Conditions for purchases (NL)
PDF - 316.39 KB
Uniper Benelux | General Terms and Conditions for purchases (EN)
PDF - 258.27 KB
Uniper Benelux | General Safety Regulations (NL)
PDF - 141.98 KB
Uniper Benelux | General Safety Regulations (EN)
PDF - 160.19 KB
    Sweden specific documents

    Sweden specific documents

    To view our country specific documents such as terms and conditions, payment terms and other relevant supplier documents, please visit our procurement pages for Sweden.

    > Supplier Portal Sweden

      UK specific documents

      UK specific documents

      Uniper UK | General Terms and Conditions for purchases
      PDF - 310.68 KB
      Uniper UK | General Terms and Conditions for purchases - Onepager
      PDF - 219.39 KB
      Ariba user guides

      Ariba user guides and manuals

      Documentation on how to work with Uniper's Ariba interface. The supplier guide describes general procedures and answers frequently asked questions, the official Ariba sourcing manual details the supplier's activities on our eSourcing platform.

      Uniper Ariba Supplier Guide - How to get started
      PDF - 886.02 KB
      SAP Ariba Sourcing - Supplier Manual
      PDF - 1.01 MB

      Other documents

      Uniper Nuclear Services GmbH - Bescheinigung Bauleister (USt 1 TG)
      PDF - 1.87 MB
      Uniper Technologies GmbH - Bescheinigung Bauleister (USt 1 TG)
      PDF - 488.25 KB


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      We believe in strong and sustainable partnerships with our suppliers, creating value for both sides. Our aim is to become a customer of choice for our suppliers!

      For suppliers

      We partner and collaborate with innovative and engaged suppliers who share our vision and support our ambition towards decarbonization by bringing in their ideas.

      Responsible sourcing

      Uniper seeks to engage with trusted suppliers who contribute to our aim for sustainable growth and innovation and comply with our environmental, social and governance criteria.

      About us

      Tailored solutions by empowered people. We add value to Uniper by providing tailored solutions. We take on responsibilities and act proactively.


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      Benefit from our expertise to improve the efficiency and performance of your procurement organization.

      Our global presence

      We continue to strengthen our presence in key markets, develop innovative solutions and acquire companies in prioritized areas. Uniper solutions are sold to over 100 countries and we currently operate in over 40 countries.