Every year, approximately one tenth of all energy used in Sweden disappears as waste heat and is of no use. It can be houses that are poorly insulated, industrial processes that create excess heat or vehicle engines that have low efficiency. All this creates large costs for households, for companies and for society.

Imagine if we could do something about it, and imagine if some of all that energy that disappears into the cosmos could be put to real use. Barsebäck Clean Energy Park is a vision for an integrated energy system where production and industrial processes are combined, and where residual currents – for example waste heat – can find new use.


Barsebäck's location – a national interest

There is currently no decision on the future use of the land. The Swedish Energy Agency has declared the area to be of national interest for new electricity production and a concept that responds well to this is the Clean Energy Park. At Barsebäck, there are unique conditions, both in terms of existing infrastructure and access to technical expertise in the region.


What is Barsebäck Clean Energy Park?

Barsebäck Clean Energy Park is a vision for an integrated energy system where production and industrial processes are combined. An attractive, modern and multifaceted campus for research and entrepreneurship in energy-intensive and innovative industries, where the forces interact instead of compete. A hub for the development of future solutions in energy and industry, and an area for both developing and practically testing processes in close cooperation with each other.

Barsebäck Clean Energy Park would become an engine for economic development in the region and a hub for research and entrepreneurship. The possibilities and ideas for the energy park are many, with everything from the establishment of energy production through solar cells, battery storage, hydrogen production through electrolysers, biogas plants, industrial establishments, fuel production, greenhouse farms, innovation hubs and test facilities where education, research and entrepreneurship meet.


The bridge between then and now

Uniper has the expertise, competence and willingness to take responsibility for both the management of the old and the development of the new. A responsible dismantling and decommissioning of the old system, while working together for the next generation of clean, reliable and competitive energy systems. To change to a fossil-free society and reach the climate goals.

Do you want to know more?

Work is currently underway to further investigate the establishment of the Barsebäck Clean Energy Park with our partners.

We are constantly looking for more partners who want to be part of the Barsebäck Clean Energy Park. Are you interested in participating or do you know someone who might be? Contact Us!


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