We are dismantling the Barsebäck Plant after 30 years of electricity generation in the service of the community. The objective of our dismantling and demolition work is to restore the site in a responsible, safe and environmentally sound manner to make other operations possible. Using expertise and innovative methods, we want to prevent any negative environmental impact, while providing our employees with a secure and safe work environment.
We are disposing of the waste generated as a result of our activities and closing the life cycle of the nuclear power plant – in this way, we create possibilities for stable and fossil-free power generation in the future. Our certified management system comprises the platform for our HSE culture and corresponds with the values of the company and the Group.
We work with continuous improvements by involving all of our employees in our systematic HSE work. Through preventive measures and clear communication, we create a safe and pleasant workplace for employees and contractors. Preventive work includes work methods that identify, eliminate, control and minimize health and safety risks and reduce environmental impact. We are a learning organization that continuously monitors and evaluates its goals and HSE work.
Compliance with laws, Group requirements and other demands form the basis of our operations and by employing good cooperation, we ensure that our contractors and suppliers behave responsibly and in accordance with our guidelines.

We will:

• promote an effective safety culture and always put safety first by applying STARK
• have clear leadership that provides guidance and promotes discussion and participation among all employees
• provide open, objective and rapid communication internally and externally
• follow up on our systematic health and safety and environmental work annually
• identify and realize opportunities, as well as identifying, eliminating and preventing risks in the areas of environment and health and safety at all levels of the operations
• regularly evaluate our suppliers
• create an inclusive and equal rights workplace that strives for diversity
• through effective and optimized waste management, recycle and reuse the waste generated as far as possible
• work to ensure that everyone within the operations is familiar with this HSE policy

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The dismantling of the Barsebäck Plant has begun. The assignment will continue for several years to come.

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