All industrial facilities have a technical service life. When this has expired, it is natural to discontinue their operation and demolish them to create space for new technology and production. Sweden has a legislative requirement on demolishing nuclear facilities when they are no longer in use.
Barsebäck was decommissioned following a political decision and has been unused for so many years that it cannot be restarted. Other nuclear power plants in Sweden have been decommissioned for other reasons – some because they had exceeded their technical service life and some due to economic reasons. Read more about Uniper and nuclear power

Our assignment

Barsebäck Kraft AB (BKAB) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sydkraft Nuclear Power AB (SNP), which is part of the energy group, Uniper. BKAB’s assignment is to plan and implement the dismantling and demolition of Barsebäcksverket. BKAB holds a permit to conduct nuclear operations at the Barsebäck Plant. Operational costs are covered by restricted holdings of the Swedish Nuclear Waste Fund, as well as by direct funding from the plant’s owner, SNP.

Business concept

Competent and trustworthy decommissioning.
- With the trust of our community, we shall safely, cost-efficiently and with due consideration for the environment, decommission the plant in line with owner’s intentions.

Find out more

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