Uniper is focused on its role as a shareholder and neither invests in Russia nor supports Unipro’s activities financially.

Uniper has decided to further distance itself as far as possible, legally and in terms of personnel, from its Russian business unit Unipro, in which Uniper holds 83.73%. Unipro has been foreseen for sale since summer of 2021. A transaction has been agreed with a local buyer, however, the political approval of the transaction is pending and uncertain.


Russian Power Generation

Power generation and energy sales in Russia

Unipro has c. 4,300 employees and is active in the area of power generation and energy sales. The generation fleet comprises five gas- and coal-fired power plants, which are located in the industrial regions Central Russia, Ural, and Western Siberia.

Uniper world wide

Düsseldorf-based Uniper is an international energy company with activities in more than 40 countries. With roughly 7,000 employees, it makes an important contribution to security of supply in Europe. Uniper’s core businesses are power generation in Europe, global energy trading, and a broad gas portfolio.

Uniper plans for its  roughly 22.5 GW of installed power-generating capacity in Europe to be carbon-neutral by 2035. The company already ranks among Europe’s largest operators of hydroelectric plants and intends to further expand solar and wind energy, which are essential for a more sustainable and autonomous future.

Our global presence

We continue to strengthen our presence in key markets, develop innovative solutions and acquire companies in prioritized areas. Uniper solutions are sold to over 100 countries and we currently operate in over 40 countries.