Power and Carbon

Uniper engineers in discussion at a Power Generation plant

Power Trading is one of Uniper's core activities, providing trading and market access on wholesale markets for Central Europe, the Nordics and the UK. Our product portfolio includes Power Products, Emissions and environmental certificates as well as structured products (e.g. Options, Virtual Power Plants-VPPs). We apply state-of-the-art trading practices and technologies like algorithmic trading to manage the complexity of future power markets. Our activities include physical operations in dispatch centers (24/7) across continental Europe and the UK. We ensure security of supply by offering ancillary and grid relevant services to the TSOs and DSOs.

Gas and LNG

Based on decades of experience as one of Europe’s largest energy merchants, Uniper has detailed knowledge of the markets in which we operate: gas flows, interconnection capacities, price differences between regions, correlation between commodities, regulatory regimes and the impact of weather and other factors on the production and consumption of gas. Our gas trading business balances and optimizes our gas portfolio and manages the value chain between supplier and customer.

Uniper is also a global partner for reliable and flexible LNG solutions. LNG trading activities have increased significantly over the last years, leveraging on our experience, relationships and strong Atlantic Basin footprint with a growing proportion in the Asian markets. We have built a portfolio which is diversified across all dimensions including pricing index, incoterms and geography. To support the portfolio, we have a shipping fleet currently at 4 vessels under short and long term charters. Through our subsidiary LIQVIS, we also build an infrastructure for the use of LNG in heavy transport.

Our experience as an gas and LNG merchant will be the fundament for the future transformation of our portfolio towards low-carbon and zero-carbon commodities such as hydrogen and hydrogen-related fuels.

Uniper North America


blue world peaks

Uniper is active on bulk wholesale level for liquid and gaseous helium in purities up to 99.999%, where we purchase and sell helium on a spot and long-term basis. We have ample experience in the worldwide logistics of cryogenic gases and operate own ISO containers. By providing financial strength as a long-term off-taker and with a proven track record of stable and secure deliveries, we are constantly looking to expand our global helium portfolio.

Coal, Freight and Biomass

Uniper buys and sells coal on a global scale to manage flexibility for our power generation fleet. With our expertise in coal trading, we are able to swiftly respond to market developments and optimize the entire coal supply chain to meet quality, timing, and price requirements. Uniper also manages a freight portfolio, providing freight services for our own needs and third-parties.

Biomass has a huge potential as both the energy industry, and businesses in general, seek to decarbonize. Uniper has been conducting biomass activities for more than two decades and is well experienced along the value chain and across various biomass products.

Engineer observing ticket at coal fired power station MPP3 at Maasvlakte close to Rotterdam

Our global presence

We continue to strengthen our presence in key markets, develop innovative solutions and acquire companies in prioritized areas. Uniper solutions are sold to over 100 countries and we currently operate in over 40 countries.