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Redefining the power generation landscape

Go deeper into the data, with Enerlytics.

There’s an opportunity afoot.

The traditional energy sector is transforming, shaped in part by a series of rapidly emerging technologies. Uniper combines over 100 years' worth of industry and engineering expertise with smart data insights to present Enerlytics, a digital platform that offers a 360-degree view of your plant or portfolio. Centralizing custom-built analytics, real-time reporting and personalized software tools, Enerlytics provides a vital stepping stone towards agile empowerment in the face of a changing energy market.


Offering the full end-to-end view, Enerlytics supports new build, operations and maintenance, through to market and trading activities as well as storage and demand side management. From machine-based learning that hypothesises your plant health and performance monitoring, to predictive and optimized maintenance and smart scheduling, each Enerlytics module gives you the autonomy to make better decisions for financial gain and market leadership.

What is Enerlytics?


Enerlytics is a developed software solution by the proven asset owner and operator Uniper, and adheres to the same OEM-independent and plant agnostic competencies as its creators. Fostering an integrated approach to data and engineering intelligence, the platform consolidates these core elements into a single secure platform that lets you skillfully operate your business, optimise decision-making and outperform the competition.