Optimized power plant efficiency

In a market with scarce resources and variable demand, it's vital that managers and operators use clever strategies and tools to optimize power plant assets. Enerlytics uses specialized software technology to provide a 360° overview of a power plant's asset health. With massive scalability, the tool can process huge amounts of live data to create predictions of future plant asset behavior, allowing you the time to focus on optimizing scheduling and identifying areas for improvement. 

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What is Enerlytics?

Our new power plant monitoring software follows an agile development methodology. At the heart of Enerlytics is a pool that can capture data from multiple sources and perform streaming and batch analytics on it, using various "clusters". This allows you to more efficiently access and manipulate data and share it with the wider team, all on one central dashboard. The various core clusters to the Enerlytics platform together cover a range of tools and functionalities. Depending on your role in the organization, you'll be able to focus on single clusters or on the data from all of them, allowing you to constantly monitor performance, schedule plant maintenance, and plan for the secure future of the plant. 

Discover the Enerlytics core clusters

asset maintenance and reliability management cluster

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Asset Maintenance & Reliability Management
asset performance management cluster

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Asset Performance Management
asset risk management cluster

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Asset Risk Management
asset market optimization cluster

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Asset Market Optimization
asset planning and valuation cluster

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Asset Planning and Valuation
enerlytics cluster solutions

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All Clusters in one view

Set-up and Running

As an owner-operator, we know it's important to take the time to work together with you to develop a tailor-made solution that fits the unique needs of your organization. That's why we'll always keep your objectives at the forefront of our minds and focus on what brings you most benefits. Enerlytics is fully compatible with a range of systems - giving you absolute control of your asset management decision making. Whether you want single parts of the software, or the full solution plus our expert support, we can cater for your needs. 

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Enerlytics is at the forefront of the drive towards digitalization and we'd like to introduce our clever new IIoT software solution to you. Come and see us at our stand at one of the next international energy industry events, and find out more! We'd love to meet you, discuss the challenges you're facing, and offer you a free Enerlytics demo. 

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