Business activities

At Barsebäck Nuclear Power Plant, we are always actively seeking new areas of activity where we can benefit from the knowledge and equipment that is available here. Among the new activities are the testing of work processes, the selling of spare parts and the leasing of premises.

Training is an important part of our business activities. The shutdown of Barsebäck has meant that we have gained a new training site for the entire nuclear power industry. Maintenance and operations personnel from the country's other nuclear power plants are trained here. The environment is genuine and is used for both safety and technical training. The company that is responsible for this is called KSU, Kärnkraftsäkerhet och Utbildning AB (Swedish Nuclear Training and Safety Centre).


Even a nuclear power plant that has been shut down needs to provide information. It is not least important to make sure that residents and companies in proximity to us are constantly informed about what is happening at Barsebäck Nuclear Power Plant and how the dismantlement planning work is progressing. We have the highly-valued Infocenter, which is visited by about 4,500 people a year. Here, it is possible to learn more about the history of Barsebäck, how nuclear power works, the storing of radioactive waste and also about future electricity production.


A nuclear power plant in operation is subject to extensive surveillance. Even if Barsebäck does not require the same level of protection today as it did when it was in operation, all people and vehicles that come here are checked.

Barsebäcks hostel

At our location there is a hostel that can be rented by the public.

More information about the hostel

Rental of premises

Furnished offices can be rented for companies in the nuclear industry. You also have access to our conference rooms. Reception, postal and telephony services and certain office supplies are also included. Worth mentioning is also that the premises are well guarded.

In connection with the office space there are larger common rooms that can be decorated according to the wishes of the company. For smaller companies wanting to interact, this can be a very good environment.

Lars-Uno Berg | Barsebäcks kärnkraftverk

Lars-Uno Berg